Mosquito Activity is High This Year and So Are the Cases of EEE.

Author: Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie

Misting Systems Are the Best Way to Protect Your Horses

The Ocala Star reports 51 cases if EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) in horses this year. Most of those horses have died. And there is no sign of it slowing down.

Mosquitoes and the diseases they carry have made a large leap above nuisance level this year. The main cause… rain. Mosquitoes love wet weather and we have certainly had that! The Gainesville Regional Airport has recorded 43.83 inches of rain from January to August this year. That’s approximately 9 inches more than normal. So while the mosquitoes are thriving it is important in Fellsmere, Deer Run, and all of our other horse-friendly communities to be extra cautious.

Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems

Eastern Equine Encephalitis attacks the central nervous system of the horse. There is no cure for the disease and the mortality rate for horses is between 75-90%. Those horses that do survive are often affected for the remainder of their lives. University of Florida entomology professor Jonathan Day urges people to continue to protect themselves from mosquitoes through the fall, this goes for protecting your animals as well.

You can’t just run out and spray your horses with a spray bottle of repellent that you have in your home, now can you? There is a better solution, it works year round, and it was created for horse barns. That is the automatic mosquito misting system. Misting systems provide continuous coverage all day and all year round. As a permanent fixture, they will emit a quick burst of barrier treatment spray up to four times a day, automatically timed for what suits your location best. The system also comes with a manual remote for moments when you think you need a little extra. Not only will this protect your beloved animals from mosquitoes, EEE, and any other diseases that mosquitoes carry, it also cuts down on flies and we all know what an annoyance flies can be to our horses.

Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port St. Lucie, is your go-to for automatic misting systems. Not only do we install and service them, but we can also service systems that you already have, even if we did not install it. While our original barrier spray, reapplied every 3 weeks, eliminates up to 90% of existing mosquitoes and is great for some areas, sometimes it just doesn’t quite cover your needs. If you have horses and barns this means you. Misting systems are the best for large areas, heavily concentrated mosquito areas, and especially areas with pets that remain exposed 24 hours a day. Not sure what’s best for you? Call us and let us help you make the best choices in your mosquito and tick control. We do our best to do what’s best for you.