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Allentown, GA Mosquito Control

Everyone in Allentown, GA knows how annoying mosquitoes and biting insects can be in our area. Not only are mosquitoes a pain to deal with, they also carry potentially deadly diseases for your family and your pets. Every year in Greater Allentown, GA area has seen higher numbers of the Zika disease and other diseases. Since 2004 the number of diseases has tripled from ticks and mosquitoes. Why take a chance and put your family at risk? Help protect your family and pets by calling and scheduling your personalized treatment for your property. It is time to take back your outdoor space and enjoy our beautiful Allentown, GA weather all season long!

Any trip to a big box store during the Spring or Summer and you will see the many options available biting insects and mosquito control, however, the truth is few of them are very effective. The multitude of citronella candles and tiki torches are honestly good for lawn and table decorations. Bug sprays help, but who wants to mist themselves, kids and pets every time you step outside with that stinky and sticky mist? Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment options in Allentown, GA are sure to be the best treatment options for your family and pets against mosquitoes. Mosquito Squad guarantees that an approximate 90% reduction in mosquitoes and biting insects and our barrier treatments last for up to 3 weeks. Protection from potentially deadly mosquito bites is priceless. Our treatments are backed with a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with our product and we will always come and respray your lawn if you need it. Give us a call today to speak with our team of certified technicians about our wide array of treatment options.

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How Does Our Allentown, GA Mosquito Control Treatments Work?

100% Satisfaction GuaranteeMany people ask us how we are able to reduce mosquitoes by up to 90% on their Allentown, GA property. As the company that created mosquito control, we have dedicated years of research to perfecting our mosquito control methods for you. We begin our Allentown, GA treatments by studying your property to eliminate any standing water and treat every mosquito-breeding site with larvicide. The larvicide will stop mosquito eggs from hatching and a key part of ending the life cycle of future mosquitoes. After this, we get to work applying our proprietary EPA-registered barrier treatment. While avoiding areas for pollinating bees, we begin treating the perimeter of your property then move inward being sure to cover your entire property. Our high-trained and certified technicians will expertly have your typical sized lawn treated in about 20 minutes then after a 30-minute drying period you, your family and pets are welcomed to enjoy your outdoor space.

Our odorless and colorless treatment will attach itself to your lawn and slowly release its mosquito-fighting properties over the next three weeks. If a mosquito makes the poor choice to land on anything on your lawn, then it will not be long before it is eliminated while never having a chance to bite you. And yes, our treatment really does last up to 21 days!

We highly suggest treating your Allentown, GA property every 3 weeks and for summer-long protection with worry-free summers we offer seasonal plans, so you don’t have to remember to reschedule with us. Besides, you are busy enough with summer vacations and everything else going on! Our technicians will always call before a day in advance to remind you of the appointment and we will leave a confirmation of service in you happen to not be home when we treat your property.

A Variety of Mosquito Control Options for your Allentown, GA Property

Dread Skeeter illustration with children and petsAt Mosquito Squad of Warner Robins-Macon, we have a wide array of treatment options for your Allentown, GA home. Our traditional barrier control treatment will help protect your family and pets for up to 3 weeks while eliminating up to 90% of the biting insects on your property. We also offer an natural treatment option made from a proprietary mixture of essential oils that is very effective against mosquitoes and requires treatments every two weeks. The most effective treatment option we offer is our automatic misting system that will deliver mosquito control on a timer system from an on-site inventory of any of our treatment options.

Give Us a Call for Your Allentown, GA Mosquito Control

Have peace of mind with from the Allentown, GA mosquito control specialist at Mosquito Squad of Warner Robins-Macon. Reclaim your yard this summer and protect your loved ones from potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Call Mosquito Squad at (478) 217-7617 and schedule your Allentown, GA mosquito protection today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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