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Laura Peaden Profile Image

Laura Peaden

(October 11, 2023)

"We called about a week out from an outdoor event. Trey was wonderful and made sure the area was sprayed for our outdoor party. And there were no mosquitoes."

Maria Hudson Profile Image

Maria Hudson

(September 12, 2023)

"Jason and Davis sprayed my yard these 2young men were polite and wanted to make sure I was happy with the service and did I have any problems or concerns thanks so much to mosquito squad we enjoy our yard without worrying about the bugs we have been with them for 3year and would not dream of doing without them all spring and summer"

lee gellins Profile Image

lee gellins

(August 25, 2023)

"Mosquito Squad is GREAT to do business with and their product works! Before using them, I could not even go out in my back yard without being attacked by mosquitoes. They spray every 3 weeks and I have talked with pretty much all of the folks that have come to my house. They are on time, polite, and professional. When communicating with the office, it is the same thing- they are very responsive and do whatever is necessary to accommodate my situation. I would highly recommend Mosquito Squad for the services that they provide!"

sarah evans Profile Image

sarah evans

(August 18, 2023)

"Love this company! Best customer service ever!"

peter wiseman Profile Image

peter wiseman

(July 6, 2023)

"Tim and Robert sprayed our yard today, impressed by their attention to detail."

Dolores Gandee Profile Image

Dolores Gandee

(June 29, 2023)

"The team at mosquito squad are the very best. They are amazing to work with. Prompt I love where they text and let you know. They’re on their way. It’s the best value in town."

Nicole Sciarrino Profile Image

Nicole Sciarrino

(June 15, 2023)

"I am that person who steps one foot outside in the summer and is covered in mosquito bites. Within the first few days of our first treatment, no bites! I have been able to spend hours outside in the last week and enjoy our backyard bug-bite free!"

Terry Weeks Profile Image

Terry Weeks

(June 7, 2023)

"We don't have mosquitos anymore since Mosquito Squad has been treating our yard over the last 5 years. Great service and results!"

Kim Lanterman Profile Image

Kim Lanterman

(May 22, 2023)

"Mosquito Squad of the Lowcountry is great! We are able to enjoy being outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes. Connor did a great job treating our lawn today (very thorough)!"

Warren-Marcus Dashe Profile Image

Warren-Marcus Dashe

(May 9, 2023)

"Yesterday Connor and new guy Robert did an excellent job. Connor remembered everything and pointed out to Robert what needed to be done and it was"