It’s the Backstretch to the Derby… Are You Ready?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 14, 2018

The 144th Kentucky Derby is just weeks away. Are you getting ready? So are the mosquitoes!

Maybe you have a large event with tents and tables being delivered and set up by professionals. Or maybe it will be a smaller group of friends, happy for this yearly excuse to get together and dress up a bit. You’ve got your hat right? If not you’d better get shopping!

There’s cooking to do, pies to bake, maybe even some flowers to plant. Even at the smallest level, we take our Derby parties seriously here in Kentucky! And after all the work you put in, one of the worst things would be to watch your guests spend more time swatting mosquitoes than socializing. What a nightmare!

Derby Party Mosquito Control

Whether you have professionals setting up and decorating or it’s just you and your bestie or husband stringing up some globe lights, keeping the mosquitoes away is a job best done by those that know how. At Mosquito Squad of Louisville, our special event treatment is residue and odor free and will last for your entire event, eliminating 85% of the mosquitoes and any other annoying flying bugs that might be trying to crash your event.

Our professional technicians will mist the entire area of your event in plenty of time for you to be able to set up and it will last through clean up. But the Derby is May 5th, which means you need to place the call right away. Get on our schedule and use your time perfecting your Mint Julep. Or maybe you’re making your own hat, that’s going to require some time. Let Mosquito Squad of Louisville focus on the bugs…you focus on the fun. Call us today!