Disinvite the Skeeters from your Derby Party

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 12, 2017

The Derby is coming; the Derby is coming! What are you busy doing this month to get ready for hosting a Kentucky Derby party or house guests? Finishing up a small renovation project or cleaning up the landscape for outdoor enjoyment is a common task. Have you given any thought to how you’re going to keep away the uninvited guests such as mosquitoes and other annoying flying insects?

While we hope you are a seasonal mosquito control client for exceptional outdoor enjoyment at your home all season long, we are aware that some of you may not be on the Mosquito Squad boat yet. Here is what you can do in either case:

Current Mosquito Squad Clients

If you are a seasonal mosquito treatment client, call us, (501)315-9097 let us know that you’re hosting a big Kentucky Derby party. We need to know today, so we can rearrange your treatment schedule to make sure the maximum effectiveness of your treatment can be enjoyed on Derby weekend.

Special Event Mosquito Control

If you are NOT a seasonal mosquito control client, call us (502)315-9097. We offer special event mosquito treatment. Our special event mosquito treatment is applied across your entire event space. It will eliminate 85% of flying insects on contact, leaving an odor and residue free barrier continuing to working for the duration of your Derby party! With Derby weekend being as busy as it is, the sooner you call, the better. If you’re out in your yard on Friday night cleaning up for your Derby party and finding yourself annoyed by biting bugs, you may be too late. We make every effort to treat every client who wants their yard treated, but with the week-long party surrounding the Derby our schedules will fill up fast.

Call today to make sure you secure your spot for the best Derby party mosquito control in Louisville.