Reliable Ways to Avoid Ticks in the Hamptons

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Summer is full of so many bright, joyful moments, but not all is well during summers in the Northeast. Spending time outside is an essential component of warm weather, whether that simply means hanging out in the yard, or hosting a gathering with family and friends. Although this outside time has a lot of benefits, including improving mood and supporting mental health, there are health risks to outside time these days. You’re probably wondering, “What on earth do I have to fear in my own backyard?” And this is a reasonable question. Over the past decade, the Northeast has observed massive tick-population growth; a population that is threatening the health of people in neighborhoods throughout Long Island.

Ticks are traditionally seen as an unpleasant nuisance, but the threats they carry deserve far more respect and attention. Indeed, ticks are the leading cause of vector-borne infections in the country. Any organism that can carry an infectious pathogen and pass said infectious pathogen onto another organism is known as a disease vector. As the most prolific disease vector in the United States, ticks can infect animals and humans with a wide array of diseases, including Lyme disease and others. Although you can apply insect repellant directly to your skin to try and prevent bites from these arachnids, the best way to stay safe is with professional tick control measures. Keeping ticks away from you in the first place is the most reliable tick control method.

Defend against ticks in the Hamptons with Mosquito Squad

Ticks are coming in force this spring, summer, and fall, so you need to take precautions. To defend your health and the health of your loved ones, make sure you trust the right people. Amateurish services are abundant in our area, and inadequate tick control can have serious implications. Professionally applied tick control, on the other hand, will provide defense against ticks for weeks at a time. At Mosquito Squad, such robust defense is what we have on offer. Founded nearly 20 years ago, we are nationally recognized as a leader in the tick and mosquito control industry.

With the mounting threat of ticks in the Hamptons, our services are needed more than ever – we have the powerful treatments to match this growing danger. Our barrier protection mist, which is available in our original and natural formulas, lasts for up to 21 days. Such longevity means a biweekly treatment with our premium protection program will keep you well defended against ticks through spring, summer, and fall. And, with the help of our highly trained technicians, you will receive treatments to potential tick habitat in addition to a defensive mist application around your property’s perimeter. With a layered mist application, you rest assured that ticks will be an afterthought!

Ticks in the Hamptons are everywhere, but we can defend you for as long as ticks are around. Mosquito Squad of Long Island has the tools and experience to put your mind at ease this spring, summer, and fall. Give us a call at (631) 203-1252.