When to Begin Your Long Island Mosquito Squad Spray Regimen

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

When something that you might have prevented occurs, do you ever think, "Darn, I should've been working on it earlier"? We've all been there, but there are some things that are simply too important to ignore. On this list is mosquito control. Contrary to popular belief, mosquito control is a precaution you should always take, and timing is everything. Even though we are now in the middle of winter, warm weather is on the distant horizon, and this is how mosquitoes get a jump start on us: By catching us unaware. While we feel protected in the cold weather that keeps mosquitoes at bay, as soon as temperatures rise above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, these insects will begin to emerge. Given the steadily increasing number of mosquito-borne illnesses in America, implementing the necessary barriers to keep mosquitoes away from you and your family is essential. With the right defenses, you can take advantage of time outside without worrying about mosquitoes and their incessant biting and whining.

Long Island Mosquito Squad Spray should be a priority this spring

Mosquitoes, which are known to carry harmful illnesses like the Zika virus, are continuing to flourish in the Southeast and Northeastern regions of the United States. In addition to the unsightly, painful welts caused by mosquito bites, our region now has to contend with unfamiliar mosquito-borne diseases. Due to this troubling development, it's important to be aware of the seasonal changes and the risks associated with warmer weather. Mosquitoes, while small, can pack a punch and are difficult to control due to their huge numbers. However, you can defend yourself if you make the necessary preparations. Professional help is never far away and offers defense options that are difficult to match!

So, beginning in April, you should consider beginning your mosquito spray regimen with Mosquito Squad, when mosquitoes start to return in force. Catching them early is important, and our biweekly treatment applications will sustain you through the warmer months. Further, if you have a special event to plan for, we provide special event mosquito treatments to keep your outdoor event defended against mosquitoes that could ruin the ambiance.

Trusted mosquito control professionals are here to help!

Mosquito Squad has led the mosquito control industry for nearly 20 years. With our mosquito barrier protection treatments, we can guarantee up to a 90% reduction in the mosquito population on your property.

Mosquitoes will return in numbers this spring. Defend against them with Long Island Mosquito Squad Spray to ensure your property can be enjoyed without worry this spring and summer! Give us a call at (631) 203-1252.

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