Springtime Home Maintenance for Brentwood Mosquito Control

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Springtime Home Maintenance for Brentwood Mosquito Control

December 20, 2023

Each year in Long Island, we come face-to-face with the stark reality of the mosquito problem we have in the Northeast. As soon as spring weather is consistently warm enough, mosquitoes start to emerge from their winter shelters with a need to feed. From hosting special events to enjoying the simple pleasure of relaxing outside, summer is one of the most popular seasons around. The joy we experience when spending time outdoors is quickly stifled, however, when mosquitoes decide to crash the party. Winter temperatures don’t do enough to eliminate mosquitoes completely, and they hatch from their eggs en-masse when temperatures become hospitable again. At times it might feel like mosquitoes are just too numerous and persistent to avoid, but there are actually a few ways you can remove mosquito habitat from your property.

Firstly, where do mosquitoes breed and rest? Even more than humans, mosquitoes are extremely dependent on moisture, which is why you are less likely to see a mosquito swarm in the hot summer sun as opposed to in the shade. So, the first task is to find areas that capture moisture. Leaf-filled gutters, areas around irrigation leaks, leaf and yard litter around your home’s foundation, and features like birdbaths are all sought-after mosquito territory. Make sure you clean these areas, rid them of as much moisture as possible, and be consistent in your care of the yard. Cleaning up these areas is not easy, but doing so to avoid nasty mosquito bites is worth it. Not only will you see fewer mosquitoes in your yard, but encounters with disease-carrying mosquitoes will also be less likely.

Such methods aren’t your only defense against mosquitoes, though. Professional mosquito control is the best way to defend against mosquitoes and their diseases.

Where to find Brentwood mosquito control

Mosquito control options are abundant in Long Island, but not all have the vast experience of Mosquito Squad. Since 2005, we’ve been providing effective mosquito control to our neighbors in Long Island. In our nearly two decades of experience, we have become an established veteran in the Mosquito Business, with over 2 million treatments delivered to date. Our longevity in the business means we are always attuned to new developments in the industry, and we provide mosquito control that is always to the highest standards. Available in our original and naturalformulas, barrier protection treatment is our chief tool against mosquitoes in your yard. Our treatments last for up to 21 days, and a biweekly treatment throughout the warmer months is guaranteed to keep you defended.

Cleaning your gutters, removing yard waste, and pouring out standing water is key to eliminating mosquito habitat. In tandem with professional help from Mosquito Squad of Long Island, you’ll be well defended. Give us a call at (631) 203-1252.