Septic Tanks are a Prime Breeding Ground for Mosquitoes

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

It might not seem like it, but septic tanks are the perfect place for mosquito infestations to start and quickly gain in number. They are protected from the elements and full of stagnant wastewater for the eggs to hatch and grow. A female mosquito only needs a way in, and it doesn’t even have to be that big.

We might not think much about mosquitoes crawling, but if one can squeeze into a crack, they’ll be able to make their way down to the water in your septic tank and deposit their eggs.

Prevent your septic tank from becoming a mosquito breeding ground.

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Mosquitoes can transmit disease to humans by carrying infectious germs from one host to another. A single septic tank may produce thousands of mosquitos in a very short period. Every day, thousands of mosquitoes emerge from damaged or broken sewage tanks once they mature from larvae.

Look for the Signs

According to the CDC, you’ll want to inspect your septic tank access to see if it is completely open, or unsealed, see if there are any cracks or gaps between the support blocks, and see if the screen cover for the ventilation pipe was missing. A sudden swarm on your property means that the mosquitoes have found a healthy place to breed, and you’ll want to get to the bottom of it very quickly.

To prevent mosquitos from multiplying in your septic tank, you should inspect it regularly and repair any damage if discovered.

Fight the Bite

If you notice mosquito infestations on your property, call The Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces today! You do not want your family or yourself to be exposed to mosquitoes, especially ones from a septic system. We will start with inspecting your property for the culprit and use dunks to kill the larva. The larvicide is merely one part of our process of fighting a mosquito infestation.

Using our fast-acting Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment, The Mosquito Squad will provide an active barrier for up to 21 days around your property and allow you to work on the 7 Ts of Mosquito Control in your yard. Fixing your septic tank and reducing places for mosquitoes to breed is essential to keep their population down on your property, but setting up a reoccurring barrier treatment will ensure that you can have peace of mind all season long.

Use the 7 Ts of mosquito control to help prevent mosquito breeding in your yard. Professional backyard mosquito control is the best way to reduce mosquito infestations on your property. Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces is the originator of the mosquito barrier treatment that reduces backyard mosquitoes by up to 90%. Call our team today to request a free quote for Las Cruces mosquito control services.