Why Do Scorpions Glow at Night?

glowing scorpion

Scorpions are adaptive predators of the deserts that have evolved to be masters of hiding. They can blend in perfectly with their environment and survive in some of the harshest climates in the world. Under ultraviolet light in the dark, Las Cruces scorpions can easily be found because they glow brilliant shades of blue and green, but why is that?

Even scientists are a little stumped.

The Glow of the Las Cruces Scorpions and Their Many Cousins

Glowing scorpions are not limited to Las Cruces but all scorpions worldwide. In fact, the only time a scorpion won’t glow is right after they molt their exoskeleton. When the scorpion molts, the arachnid’s new exoskeleton is soft and pliable. Once it dries and hardens appropriately, it will again become fluorescent.

The Cuticle of a Scorpion

Scientists know that there is something in the exterior of their exoskeleton known as the “cuticle.” A thin section of the cuticle reacts when exposed to ultraviolet light from blacklights or even the moon. The curious thing about scorpions is that they have had this ability for millions of years. Scientists have had similar reactions in fossilized scorpions, seeing a glow emitted when a UV light is shined onto them. Even more astounding, scorpions preserved in specimen jars with a liquid solution will make the liquid glow in the same situations.

Scorpion Control in Las Cruces

Learning about glowing scorpions doesn’t help how much of a pest they can become. The Arizona bark scorpion is a deadly scorpion found in southwestern New Mexico, but mostly the Las Cruces scorpions are not deadly unless one has an allergic reaction. That doesn’t mean that their sting is pleasant, though. To avoid scorpion presence on your property, Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces provides the following tips on reducing favorable places for them to hide:

  1. Keep woodpiles at least 30 feet from your home.

  2. Eliminate standing water throughout your property.

  3. Discourage nesting sites by keeping mulch and yard debris leveled, so scorpions do not bury themselves in it.

  4. Tightly seal spaces beneath doors and floors. Some species of scorpions can fit into a gap as small as a credit card.

  5. Replace exterior lights with yellow bulbs to prevent insects around your home.

  6. Check dark places around your home for scorpion signs often.

  7. Utilize pest control around your property for common insects, like roaches, crickets, and ants. Fewer insects mean fewer meals for scorpions.scorpion

Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces will help you defend against scorpions in and around your property with Las Cruces scorpion control. Mosquito Squad will provide a Protective Barrier Treatment for your yard, targeting areas where scorpions like to nest before misting a barrier around your property to prevent more scorpions from entering.

Trusted Mosquito and Scorpion Control Near You

Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces is a trusted provider of mosquito control and other pest controls. We pride ourselves on providing the best defense against scorpions to ensure that you, your family, and your pets are free to enjoy your yard without the worry of scorpions in your Las Cruces home. Contact us today for a free quote to keep Las Cruces scorpions off your property.

Our licensed and trained scorpion control technicians will come to your home every three weeks to treat your yard to keep a defined barrier around your property that will keep those arachnids locked out. We provide top-rated services for all of our clients. See the reviews our customers have left about our treatments.

Now that you know why Scorpions glow at night, it is time to take action to reduce the risks of scorpions invading your yard. Call Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces for all of your Scorpion control needs. We look forward to working with you.

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