How Does Extreme Heat Affect the Mosquito Lifecycle?


In Las Cruces, we wait all winter for the perfect weather to hit the region to enjoy all the riches the outdoors offer until the sweltering heat chases us back in until fall. Unfortunately, waiting with us are those buzzing pests, mosquitoes. As much as they are an annoyance, these bloodsuckers favor similar weather to us. Ranging from the 60s to the 80s, maybe a little warmer or cooler, but everyone seems to be the most comfortable in this area before summer sets in fully. You know the dangers of hot weather, but how does extreme heat affect the mosquito lifecycle? You may be surprised how extreme heat affects them!

Mosquitoes Enjoy the Heat Except…

There are four things that mosquitoes love:

  1. Nectar is a must!

Mosquitoes prefer to feast on nectar rather than blood. In fact, male mosquitoes never bite. The females drink blood only to produce eggs. You could say that the male mosquitoes are strictly vegan, and the females are “flexitarian,” occasionally slipping to sip from people and animals.

  1. Blood is necessary for the development of eggs.

The true pain comes from the itchy, swollen bumps left by female mosquito bites. Thankfully mosquitoes don’t need blood for every meal, but the bites the females leave behind are annoying, and you have to be careful of mosquito-borne illnesses.

  1. Adequate water for eggs to hatch.

A mosquito has four stages of life. Three of these stages are done entirely in the water! Though the water needs to be still or stagnant, allowing the mosquitoes to properly hatch from eggs into larva form before growing into a pupa. Shortly after, they take to the skies or our back yards as adults, ready to continue their life cycle.

  1. Hot weather is favorable!

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded, meaning they rely on their environment to thrive. If they become too cold, they cannot move. If they become too hot, they encounter the same issue. Temperatures from 60 to 80 for most mosquitoes seem to be their prime activity temperature. Warm evenings often are the best time for mosquitoes to fly about and get their fill.

Exceptions to Every Rule

The sun is not a mosquito’s friend, especially in drier climates like Las Cruces, because they can actually become dehydrated. Did you know that the dry season for the region usually lasts from September 18th until June 30th? Unfortunately, the drier the climate and less active the mosquitoes are during the truly sweltering weather, the more aggressive their hunger gets when the temperature becomes more tolerable.

As we avoid the hottest parts of the day, so do mosquitoes. This is especially troubling because mosquitoes will feed more if the weather becomes too hot for them to feed at a normalized pace. If an infected mosquito becomes ravenous during these periods, an outbreak of mosquito-borne illnesses will surely rise.

Prevent the Bite with Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces

A close up of a bug

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceYou’ll want to take steps to protect yourself and your family from these blood-hungry pests. Take care of your property and those around you by following the 7 T’s of Mosquito Control. Removing attractive places for mosquitoes to frequent or spawn new generations will undoubtedly keep the population down. If you want to ensure that your family has less chance of bites and potential dangers that mosquitoes carry with them, contact the Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces. We will be happy to help reduce your mosquito population by up to 90% around your property.

By getting our most popular Las Cruces mosquito control option, the Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment, you effectively lock out mosquitoes from your yard for up to 21 days. Any mosquitoes within this barrier will be killed on contact. Children and pets can return out into your yard 30 minutes after the treatment is applied and has had time to dry properly.

The heat can affect the mosquito population even when you don’t see a lot of rain. Professional Las Cruces mosquito control is the best way to reduce your backyard mosquitoes. Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces is excited to help you enjoy your backyard again without as much worry about those pesky mosquito bites. Call our team today to request a free quote for Las Cruces mosquito control services.