Somers Point Mosquito Barrier Treatment

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Mosquito & Tick Barrier Protection in Somers Point

Have you searched for a reliable, local mosquito control company that treats you and every customer like family? At Mosquito Squad of the Jersey Shore, that’s exactly what you’ll get with our Somers Point team on your side. Plus, you’ll receive effective, durable, and powerful mosquito and tick control treatments that last. 

Big-name competitors have tried to replicate our Mosquito Barrier Treatment, but they haven’t come close to matching the level of protection or our comprehensive formula. We guarantee that you’ll get up to 3 weeks of almost completely pest-free enjoyment outside. Unlike store-bought pest control products, you won’t have to close off your backyard and wait hours or days for the treatment to absorb into surfaces. 

With our cost-saving mosquito control services, you’ll be able to go out after a few minutes. Our concentrated formula will get mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and no-see-ums at the source, so you can get back to having fun in the sun. 

Let us protect your family from mosquito and tick bites with our Mosquito Barrier Treatment today! Contact us for your free estimate and consultation!

Why Customers Trust Our Mosquito Barrier Protection 

Often, people assume that pest control treatments have to encompass harsh chemicals and sit for hours upon hours to be fully effective. However, our traditional barrier protection breaks all the rules, and here’s why. 

It Eliminates Up to 90% of Blood-Sucking Insects

Our mosquito treatment is concentrated and designed to get rid of almost 100% of pests so that you can enjoy your backyard without the risk of being bitten and contracting a deadly disease. 

It Lasts for Up to 21 Days

If you want up to 21 days or 3 weeks of mosquito and tick protection, our Mosquito Barrier Treatment is it! We thoroughly inspect your yard to find their resting areas and dispose of them successfully. 

It Creates a Blockade for Your Property

Eliminating mosquitoes can be challenging, as some eggs can lay dormant for months, even years, and mosquitoes love scoping out new homes. With our barrier treatment, you get a blockade around your property that keeps more mosquitoes from joining in on the fun. 

It’s Safe for Kids and Animals

After applying our mosquito control product, you don’t have to stay cooped up inside. In fact, you and your furry family members and children can get back outside as soon as 30 minutes after the treatment application. 

We Customize Your Mosquito & Tick Control Services

At Mosquito Squad in Somers Point, we never perform a one-size-fits-all approach to your mosquito and tick control. We understand that everyone’s yard is distinctly shaped, has different vegetation, etc., so we can’t treat all yards the same. Hiring our team means you can completely customize solutions to suit the size of your outdoor space and the extent of your mosquito infestation. 

We’re 5-Star Rated & Trusted in the Community!

As a family-owned and operated company serving Somers Point and the surrounding areas, we genuinely care about your health and well-being. And with mosquitoes and ticks on the loose, you’re not safe. We give you peace of mind with our effective traditional mosquito barrier solution, which is why we’re trusted in the community and highly rated for our service. 

Check out our reviews to see what other customers have to say and let us protect your home today!

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