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Mosquito and Tick Control for Somers Point Residents

Mosquito Squad of the Jersey Shore lives by a motto: The only good mosquito is a dead one. And while some might find it extreme, we understand that mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects can carry diseases that endanger your life. That’s why when you work with us, we help you say goodbye to annoying pests around your Somers Point property with ease!

Our licensed and qualified experts have been supporting the community in eliminating disease-carrying pests for years. We employ proprietary EPA-registered mosquito and tick naturaltreatments solutions that eliminate up to 90% of these annoying and deadly pests on contact. Our mosquito control specialists won’t stop until your yard is safe, and you can enjoy the great outdoors all year long. 

Trust Our Pest Control Experts to Protect Your Family

Because we have families of our own, we understand your innate need to protect the people you love most. We make it easy with various and affordable mosquito and tick control options that give you up to 21 days of almost 100% pest-free protection. Our naturaltreatments also provide a protective barrier around your property to keep out mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and more. 

Is There a Mosquito Problem in Somers Point?

While we don’t have an epidemic on our hands, mosquitoes are a significant issue in our area. In 2021, The Press of Atlantic City reported that the county had discovered a mosquito sample containing the West Nile virus. As public health officials continue to monitor the situation and keep the public informed, our Somers Point mosquito control team implements effective solutions to rid home and business owners in the community of pests and thwart any deadly diseases they may transmit to humans and animals. 

Why Are There So Many Mosquitoes in My Backyard? 

Do you have swarms of mosquitoes invading your yard? Do you feel like there’s nothing that can remedy the problem? Think again! There are a few simple actions you can take to reduce the mosquito population today.

Take a look at your backyard and ensure:

  • Your gutters and drains are unclogged – When your gutters and drains get clogged, water can’t adequately pass through, creating water sources for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Don’t give them that chance by keeping your gutters clean.
  • You don’t have excessive overgrowth and yard debris – Suppose your yard starts to look unkempt; mosquitoes see this as an opportunity to set up shop and make themselves comfortable in moisture, warm foliage and debris. Keep grass cut and bushes and trees manicured to deter mosquitoes and ticks. 
  • You avoid leaving water out for animals and birds for long periods – Water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. If you love feeding wildlife in your backyard, avoid leaving water bowls out for days at a time.
  • You locate and treat all mosquito resting areas – Female mosquitoes can survive for up to 5 months with an adequate water supply, and mosquito eggs can survive for up to 7 years before hatching. So, you have to locate all resting places, or they could lay dormant for years!
  • You stop using ineffective store-bought products – Products found in stores are usually made with synthetic materials that don’t do much to eliminate mosquitoes for longer than a few days. Stop using these ineffective treatments and call our team in Somers Point. 
  • Your mosquito problem isn’t an isolated situation – It’s extremely likely that if you’re experiencing hordes of mosquitoes in your yard, so are your neighbors. Check with the people in your neighborhood and attack the situation together.

Offering Mosquito Control and Alternative Pest Control Treatment Options

It’s no wonder mosquitoes can’t stand us with our effective control options. However, the Somers Point community loves us! We offer various powerful naturaltreatments that eradicate mosquitoes and ticks and protect plants and other wildlife. We provide the following solutions to help you reclaim your yard.

Natural Mosquito Control (Natural Repellent)

We’re well-known for the traditional mosquito barrier treatment we offer, but many customers aren’t aware that we provide an naturaltreatments that works similarly. The only difference with our natural mosquito treatment is that it’s made with essential oils to be gentle on plants and leave behind a pleasant smell. It still offers up to 14-21 days of protection from blood-sucking bugs. 

Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems

Are you ready to have complete yard protection without regular visits from our team? Our programmable and automated mosquito misting system provides convenience and adequate defense against disease-carrying insects. 

Special (One-Time) Event Mosquito Treatment

Mosquitoes and ticks are the ultimate party crashers. If you didn’t invite them to the party, let us help you get rid of them with our special event treatment. All you have to do is call our team, and we’ll treat your event space thoroughly to ensure annoying insects don’t turn a get-together into a disaster.

Mosquito Treatment for Commercial Establishments

First impressions for a business are everything. If the first thing potential customers notice about your commercial space is that mosquitoes are taking over, it’s unlikely they’ll return—no matter how great your service is. Allow our Somers Point team to help you eliminate flying nuisances and keep you in business. 

Call Mosquito Squad for Complete Pest Protection Today!

Call our dedicated team today if you’re ready to reclaim control of your home’s backyard or commercial green space! We’re committed to using our industry-leading solutions that no other company has come close to matching. We guarantee you complete satisfaction and peace of mind that your loved ones are safe from virus-carrying insects. 

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If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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