Leaf Litter in the Yard, Could It Be Hiding Mosquitoes?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

September 1, 2022

Spring is gradually approaching, and leaves will soon descend to earth from their lofty perches. With cool weather on the horizon, the promise of fall after the heat of summer will be a relief but don’t get your hopes up just yet. We’ve finally entered September, yet we all know that the months immediately following summer can remain warm, despite their association with autumn. Yes, summer weather can persist for months after July and August, and while the sensation of an extended summer might feel nice, more warmth might not be a good thing. In the Northeast, temperatures are gradually rising, delivering an earlier spring and a later fall and winter.

Avon mosquito control remains relevant in fall

Unfortunately, the insects we call our enemies are more than happy to stick around during this extended seasonal warmth. Every year in Connecticut, we experience a dramatic influx of mosquito activity during the summer, disturbing our lifestyles, enjoyment, and even our health! The difficult truth about mosquitoes is that not all deliver harmless bites. Despite their image as mere nuisances in the U.S., mosquitoes can transmit dangerous diseases to humans, and the risk is growing. With warmer weather persisting for longer, lengthening the mosquito season, there is a greater chance for mosquitoes to deliver diseased bites. Such a prospect isn’t one we like to consider, but this is our reality. Although rare, mosquito-borne diseases can be incredibly dangerous, so you should remain prepared against mosquitoes even into the fall. How can you defend against these insects?

Mosquitoes rely on standing water in which to lay their eggs, and yard waste is a common resource for mosquitoes. Fallen leaves and other yard waste can hold enough water for mosquito larvae to develop, so make sure to keep your yard clear of debris! With autumn nearly here, fallen leaves will soon be in abundance. It is a chore but removing yard waste is an effective way to keep mosquitoes from breeding on your property. In addition to this method, professional mosquito control will help to a greater extent.

Mosquito Squad, a powerful source for Avon mosquito control

For nearly 20 years, Mosquito Squad has worked to ensure customers are defended against mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry. With the help of our barrier protection treatments and our highly trained technicians, we can guarantee a reduction in your yard’s mosquito population by up to 90%. Effective for up to 21 days, our treatments only require reapplication every 2 to 3 weeks.

Fall leaf litter can provide ample mosquito habitat. In addition to yard waste removal, Avon mosquito control from Mosquito Squad of Hartford is an important defense to implement this autumn. Give us a call at (860) 356-3953.