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Suffield Tick Control, Also Effective Against Mosquitoes

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Each year in the Northeast, we huddle at home and in the office to evade the worst of winter, and many of the insects we loathe shelter, too. Winter is inhospitable to most insects, but when warm weather eventually returns, the insects return with vengeance and hunger. To survive, both ticks and mosquitoes rely on blood, of which we have plenty. Whether you are trying to enjoy an evening with guests or simply spend some time relaxing outside, mosquitoes and ticks are undoubtedly nearby.

In their own ways, ticks and mosquitoes are resilient and difficult to keep away from your property. Ticks, for example, can live for around 3 years in the wild before they complete their life cycle. Mosquitoes only live for up to 2 months, but their ability to reproduce so quickly makes defending against their swarms incredibly difficult. Furthermore, both ticks and mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases that are expected to become more common in the coming years. Climate conditions are very favorable, so you can plan on seeing more of mosquitoes and ticks soon. While your efforts to defend against these bugs may have been ineffective in the past, there are solutions available to you. Each bug is hard to control, but professional mosquito and tick control can defend you against both with the same treatment!

Professional Suffield mosquito control

There are numerous reasons why you should steer clear of mosquitoes and ticks. From their disease-spreading ability to their compulsion to ruin outdoor events, ticks and mosquitoes deserve to be shunned from your property. Many options on the pest control market are purported to be effective, but the only way to be sure you’ve sufficiently reinforced your property is with professional tick and mosquito control. At Mosquito Squad, both services are our specialty! Since 2005, we’ve led the mosquito control industry in both customer satisfaction as well as in treatment innovation. Our barrier protection treatment has proven time and time again its effectiveness against ticks and mosquitoes, and it is long-lasting. Barrier protection treatment lasts for up to 21 days, meaning occasional treatments through the warmer months will provide you with unrivaled defense all the time. Our treatment is typically applied around your property’s perimeter, on potential tick and mosquito habitat, as well as around your outdoor living spaces to provide you multi-level defense. This is the kind of service that sets us apart because we have the tools to keep you defended throughout spring, summer, and fall.

For Suffield tick control that is also effective against mosquitoes, Mosquito Squad of Hartford has your back. Professional pest control is essential to defend against ticks and mosquito-borne diseases. Give us a call at (860) 356-3953.

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