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North Stamford Barrier Treatments

North Stamford Mosquito Barrier Treatments

Safe & Effective Mosquito Barrier Protection in North Stamford

Whether you're flipping burgers, swimming in the pool, or simply enjoying your coffee on your deck or patio, mosquitoes are the last thing you want to deal with. Not only are they extremely annoying and can ruin whatever outdoor plans you had, but they also carry around serious diseases like the West Nile virus, Zika Virus, and more.

If you're looking to get ready for the upcoming mosquito season or need help getting your mosquito problem under control, choose Mosquito Squad of Greenwich! We offer trusted solutions that have been used nationwide since 2005 and have continued to provide North Stamford homes and businesses with the quick treatment and long-lasting results needed – our treatments are designed to last up to 21 days at a time! 

 Mosquito Squad of Greenwich a call at (203) 496-8636 or schedule an appointment online now!

Mosquito Barrier Protection for Your Backyard

The most effective treatment we provide is our Barrier Protection Treatment which relies on a trusted blend of EPA-approved solutions and is applied by our team of mosquito treatment specialists to ensure a proper barrier around your yard, eliminating mosquitoes on contact and preventing new ones from coming back within 21 days!

Why you should be concerned about mosquitoes in your yard:

  • They are annoying to you and your guests
  • They multiply quickly
  • They bite and irritate your skin
  • They carry viruses and diseases

Mosquitoes are responsible for approximately one million deaths per year, and recent signs have shown that the mosquito population and the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses continue to grow in areas worldwide. 

What Attracts Mosquitoes to Your Yard?

While our mosquito control experts will complete a thorough sweep of your property to ensure all sources of mosquito growth are eliminated from your property, it's important to know what attracts them to prevent them in the first place. 

Areas that commonly attract mosquitoes include: 

  • Standing or stagnant water
  • Containers that can collect water
  • Clogged or blocked gutters or drains
  • Nesting areas like debris and old tree stumps

All water build-ups can be avoided with the proper drainage, which is essential to reducing the areas mosquitoes like to hang out in. We understand what to be on the lookout for during your inspection and ensure your mosquito's perfect conditions are ruined with proper treatment and control services. 

Personalized Mosquito Barrier Plan of Action

Once all mosquito attractors have been remediated throughout the exterior of your home and your surrounding property, we'll get to work on creating a Personalized Mosquito Barrier Plan of Action to eliminate all remaining mosquitoes on contact and then provide you seamless protection against them returning – for good!

Whether you choose our default blend used during our Protective Barrier Treatment or our natural mosquito control option, we'll be able to create a mosquito control and protection plan that you can feel confident about. 

See Our Mosquito and Tick Barrier Protection Service Reviews

Our Stamford Mosquito Barrier Treatments are renowned for their effectiveness! Be sure to check out our local service reviews to see what other homeowners in North Stamford think about them. We're here to help you take back your yard – just give us a call today! 

Create a safe haven for you and your family. Our Mosquito Barrier Treatments can repel pests for up to 3 weeks after application – contact Mosquito Squad of Greenwich to learn how we can assist you! 

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