About Our Greenwich Mosquito Control Pros

You can’t trust just anybody for long-lasting mosquito control strategies. You deserve a team of professionals ready to tackle some of the most demanding yards imaginable. Our professionals at Mosquito Squad of Greenwich are adept researchers, skilled problem-solvers, and customer-oriented specialists supporting Greenwich and the surrounding areas.

Our licensed technicians don’t just treat your yard indiscriminately. We know that you have vegetation, plant life, and pollinating insects, such as bees, that you want to preserve. We help support this ecosystem by avoiding areas not invaded by mosquitoes and ticks so that you’re left with a beautiful yard free of pests. 

What Sets Our Team Apart?

When it comes to our workmanship, we’re genuinely in the trenches locating mosquito and tick nests to eliminate them while protecting other wildlife. But this is just one reason Greenwich customers choose us over others. 

We’re the community’s go-to mosquito control provider because:

  • We promise to correct any issues with your service.
  • We show up on time and dress professionally.
  • We’re innovative and use a treatment designed by our pros.
  • We continue to give back to families affected by Malaria.
  • We have competitively priced mosquito and tick control solutions.

Ready to take back control of your yard? Rely on Mosquito Squad by calling (203) 496-8636 or requesting your free quote today.