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As parents of young children, we whole-heartedly believe in this treatment and are proud to make it available to our neighbors. We’ve tried the do-it-yourself lawn treatments and the citronella candles that never made a difference with our mosquito problem. We’re especially happy about the fact that we don’t have to spray our daughters down with harsh mosquito repellents!

When you use our team, we will show up on time, in uniform, and driving a company truck. As a locally owned business, we believe we have an obligation to you that extends beyond business. We are your neighbors, and we guarantee that we will treat you as such! Mosquito Squad Protective Barrier Treatment will eliminate up to 90% of the most annoying bugs from your yard. Even better, each spray prevents new bugs from entering your yard for up to 21 days after treatment. Call today at (317) 593-2545 to schedule a free estimate. Our Squad offers treatment plans that will get your family through the season free of itchy bug bites!

Call the Squad today at to schedule a free estimate. Our mosquito control experts are ready to help you take control of your yard!