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Why There Are So Many Mosquitoes in Virginia?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Why There Are So Many Mosquitoes in Virginia?

December 18, 2014

Virginia is one of the most beautiful and historically important states in the nation.  If you’ve ever been to the area, you might wonder why there are so many mosquitos in Virginia. Throughout Virginia and Washington DC, there are several types of mosquitos, including the dreaded Asian Tiger mosquito.

Over the years, it seems as though the mosquito population in Virginia and the DC area is growing out of control, becoming not just a nuisance, but also a public health concern.

Why are Asian Tiger mosquitos so prevalent in Virginia and the DC area? There are several factors contributing to this growing problem.

Since their introduction to the US back in the 1980s, the Asian Tiger has become the most invasive and aggressive mosquito in the country. Unlike “traditional” mosquitos, which mainly attack in the morning or at dusk, the Asian Tiger will bite anyone at any time. Because of its aggressiveness and power, the Asian Tiger has beaten out less dominant mosquito species, causing a boom in its population.

Studies have shown that because average temperatures are slowly rising each year across the nation, mosquitos are moving further north. Also, because of higher temperatures, mosquitos are living longer and prolonging their winter hibernation.

Mosquitos like Virginia is because of the area’s natural geography, climate, and population. Because temperatures in Virginia don’t stay freezing for more than a day or two (usually), dormant mosquitos and their eggs don’t get damaged. Additionally, there are several bodies of water and wooded areas in Virginia, offering prime breeding grounds for all types of mosquitos.

Mosquitos love Virginia and DC because there are many people. More people means more food, places to live, and chances to breed. Asian Tiger Mosquitos love breeding in small places, like trash and litter. Additionally, the truck-mounted insecticide sprayers traditionally used for mosquito control only kill the mosquitos that are in flight. Because the Asian tiger mosquitoes fly very little, mobile mist programs aren’t effective (DC Mosquito Squad sprays the foliage, where Asian Tigers mostly live).

What You Can Do

Despite Virginia becoming heavily burdened with Asian Tiger mosquitos, you can still play your part in limiting their spread. Keep pools and wheelbarrows covered, and turn over or remove any objects that can hold water, especially toys and trashcans. If you use rain barrels to harvest water, consider using Mosquito Dunks, which kills mosquito larvae but is harmless to humans.

Also, make sure you remove any debris and yard waste, as mosquitos love to make their nest and hibernate in leaves, trash, and other “cozy” spaces.

No matter the type of mosquito, even the fearsome Asian Tiger, DC Mosquito Squad is equipped with the power to eliminate over 95 percent of mosquitos, ticks, or stink bugs from your yard with our highly effective barrier treatment.