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Why Are The DC Mosquitoes So Bad?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 24, 2018

If you’ve visited or lived in DC for any length of time during spring, summer, or fall you know the bugs can be relentless. But have you ever wondered exactly why the DC mosquitoes are so bad?

Here’s what you need to know about why mosquitoes are so prevalent in DC.

Why are the DC Mosquitoes So Bad?

Don’t blame it on the swamp.This may come as a surprise, but it’s NOT because DC was built on a swamp. That ’s, actually a myth. There are three other reasons why mosquitoes are so bad in DC.

1. Invasive Mosquito Species Have Taken Up Residence in DC

Invasive mosquito species have infiltrated DC, and they are much more aggressive than their cousins. According to the Department of Health, the Asian Tiger Mosquito is now the second most common type of mosquito in the DC area. While other mosquitoes are active in the mornings or the evenings, the Asian Tiger Mosquito will target people throughout the day.

2. DC’s Natural Climate Makes It A Haven For Mosquito

DC’s temperatures don’t stay freezing for long, even in the middle of winter. This means hibernating mosquitoes and their eggs don’t get destroyed. On top of that, there are several bodies of water throughout the DC area that offer prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

3. More People, More Mosquito Meals

As a large metropolitan area with millions of tourists visiting every year, DC is a buffet for mosquitoes. With more people comes more opportunities to find places to live and breed, such as trash piles, tarps, even toys left outdoors. After all, mosquitoes only need a thimble-full amount of water to lay their eggs in.

If you’ve noticed how bad the mosquitoes are in DC, you’re not alone! DC is ranked as one of the buggiest cities in the US. Mosquito Squad is here to help you reclaim your yard from the menacing mosquitoes. Contact DC Mosquito Squad today and discover what it’s like to enjoy the summertime in your yard, without being bugged by the biting bugs!