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How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Garage

Mosquitoes will pretty much invade any space on your property if they can find their way inside. During summer mosquitoes can often infiltrate your house, particularly the room that is practically outside: your garage! Perhaps you’ve experienced this firsthand and are wondering how to keep mosquitoes out of your garage?

Before we give a rundown of our our best mosquito control tips, we want to acknowledge the importance of a garage. You use your garage for various purposes. You likely use it to keep your car safe from the elements. Perhaps it serves as a sanctuary for contemplation and focus, as a workshop or your own personal gym or rec room.

If you are an avid gardener you likely keep your garage filled to the brim with gardening tools, pots, mulch, and supplies. And of course, most people use their garage as a storage room. You are probably in your garage at least a few times per day.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in your garage

Having mosquitoes buzzing around and biting while inside your garage isn’t exactly desirable. Whether you’re getting out of your car after a long day at work, trying to work out, or completing a handyman or woodworking project, you don’t want to be attacked by biting bugs in your garage.

Eliminate standing water

Standing water is one of the biggest contributors to mosquito population growth. You may already be vigilant about turning over buckets or emptying pots in other places around your property, but what about your garage? Standing water surrounding the garage can harbor mosquito eggs that will eventually hatch. A few days later those mosquitoes will try to enter your garage. Make sure to drain standing water from these main problem areas outside:

  • Clogged garage gutters
  • Piles of grass clippings
  • Recycling bins (drill holes in the bottom to allow excess water to drain)
  • Puddles in the driveway (if you have lingering puddles on your property, consider having landscape work done to correct uneven patches of your concrete or asphalt surfaces)

It might sound unlikely, but standing water INSIDE your garage can also be an issue. Buckets or other supplies that were previously stored outside and then brought into the garage could be harboring mosquito larvae if they are have standing water in them. The larvae will thrive in their new home and after molting and turning into pupae, they will develop into adult mosquitoes within a matter of days.

Also be mindful of any puddles of standing water that might be forming inside your garage due to leaks in your roof. You should address these issues right away.

Home mosquito control

Add a screen door

One major problem is that garage doors are so large, and people often like to leave them open. That’s a giant invitation for mosquitoes! To correct this, you could install a screen door. Screens allow you to enjoy fresh air in your garage without inviting mosquitoes inside.

There are several different options, including a hanging mesh screen that can be rolled up when not in use, or a structured screen door that is retracted much like a garage door is. You could even create your own DIY lace screen which is sure to make your garage the chicest on the block!

Fix any holes or cracks

There’s no use in getting rid of the bugs in your garage if you leave alternate entry points for them to come back in. Seal any holes or cracks in your garage, whether they be in the walls or windows. Also check for holes in any window or door screens you have in your garage.

Use a mosquito repellent device or trap

If you seem to have a lot of mosquitoes already living inside your garage, you could invest in a mosquito repellent device or a mosquito trap.

To keep mosquitoes away using the power of scent, try a repellent device or lamp. These products diffuse citronella or a similar substance to deter mosquitoes.

Mosquito traps attract mosquitoes using alluring signals like heat, carbon dioxide, fragrances, or light. Then the traps capture and kill the mosquitoes by sucking them in, using a sticky surface that mosquitoes adhere to, or zapping them. Check out our blog post Do Mosquito Traps Work? to find out everything you need to know before purchasing one of these devices.

Grow plants that naturally repel mosquitoes

Nature can be your ally in repelling mosquitoes if you are a strategic gardener. Certain species of plants repel mosquitoes like citronella grass, rosemary, lavender, basil, and scented geraniums. Plant these species near your garage and your biting pests might want to stay away.

Mosquito Treatment for Your Yard

If these strategies aren’t enough to keep mosquitoes from wreaking havoc on your garage, we can help! Our barrier treatment targets mosquito populations on your entire property, thereby evicting them from your garage. Mosquito Squad of Greater Washington DC today for more information!