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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Front Door

When you go outside in the summer, you expect to battle mosquitoes (unless you are a Mosquito Squad client!). Although you may expect to see bugs outside, when they venture inside it is never fun.

If you have mosquitoes hanging around your entry doors, chances are, they’ll slip past when you open the door. Once they’re inside, they’ll be ready to bite you at any hour of the day!

Wondering how to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house?

To avoid letting unwanted biting guests into your home here are some tips to deter mosquitoes from your entryway.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Front Door

Keep grass and weeds short

Mosquitoes thrive in the dense cover provided by tall grasses and weeds or overgrown shrubs. If you keep the grass and landscaping near your house trimmed and neat, mosquitoes won’t be able to hide in these areas where they have prime access to entering your home.

Get rid of standing water

This tip applies for your entire yard, but it’s especially important near your doors. If mosquitoes find standing water near your entryway, they’ll lay eggs and the population will congregate there, making it more likely for them to end up inside. Make sure to empty standing water that can accumulate in tires, recycling containers, garbage can lids, roof gutters, flower pots, pet dishes, lawn ornaments, children’s toys, bottles, barrels, or buckets.

Install screens

Another best practice to keep mosquitoes outside is to have high-quality screens installed on your doors. If you don’t want to have a permanent screen professionally installed, you can opt for a magnetic one. These screens are easy to install yourself without the use of tools and work just as well. Regardless of what kind of screen you choose, check the mesh often to make sure there are no rips or holes where bugs can squeeze through.

Use a mosquito lamp

Chances are, your front door or back door has a light right beside it. This light will attract mosquitoes and all kinds of other insects, meaning they’ll all be buzzing right around your door, ready to rush inside when you open it. To solve this problem, you could try putting a mosquito lamp, similar to a citronella candle, on your front porch, which diffuses a repellent into the air, keeping mosquitoes away.

Add mosquito-repelling plants

You can also rely on nature to help you repel mosquitoes from your door – or your whole yard. Certain plants, like citronella grass, rosemary, lavender, and scented geraniums have a smell that is undesirable to mosquitoes.

Apply a barrier treatment

If you can’t seem to keep the mosquitoes near your door under control, consider applying a barrier treatment on your property. This will keep the population at bay and prevent them from congregating near your home. Contact DC Mosquito Squad today to find out more about our safe and effective sprays that last for up to 21 days.