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Does Mosquito Repelling Technology Really Work?

Many would agree that mosquitoes are one of the most annoying bugs on the planet, so people try everything they can to get rid of them! One mosquito repelling technique that’s getting a lot of buzzes lately is ultrasonic technology. The premise is simple: a device emits a sound wave that mosquitoes can’t stand, so they stay away. There are plenty of cell phone apps that claim to keep mosquitoes at bay, like Anti Mosquito and Mosquito Repellent, and LG even came out with a TV that emits these sound waves!

The question is, do they work? We did some digging to find out whether or not you should spend your money on ultrasonic mosquito repellent.

Does Mosquito Repelling Technology Work?

The consensus was NO. Outside Magazine’s reviewer, Gear Guy tested the app in a buggy outdoor area, and he and his family thought it seemed to work. However, he did some research afterward, and it turns out that it was probably just the placebo effect.

We examined various published studies by scientists in this field and discovered similar findings.

Scientific Research on Electronic Mosquito Repelling Devices

According to a scientific study conducted in 2010, electronic mosquito repellent devices increase mosquito biting rates! In testing, the researchers found that the subjects got more bites while using the devices.

Another study from 2000 found that there was no significant difference in the number of mosquitoes present, regardless of whether or not the device was used.

Several other studies we found had similar results.

Not a New Idea

What’s interesting is that this technology is not new. Remember the battery-powered devices you could clip to your clothing that would emit the same sound in the hopes of repelling mosquitoes? Though they’re not trendy anymore, you can still find them for sale.

In 2012, a radio station also tried broadcasting this sound over the airwaves. Scientists didn’t get behind the idea then either.

Unproven Claims on Ultrasound Technology

Overall, the premise behind ultrasound technology is flawed. Some companies claim the sound mimics that of a predator – like a bat or a dragonfly.

Others say it’s the sound of a male mosquito’s wings beating, which keeps the females — the only mosquitoes who bite humans and drink blood — away. This is apparently because “once a female has her eggs fertilized, she will actively avoid any further contact with the male,” according to the Anti Mosquito app.

However, neither of these claims have any solid evidence to back them up. That could be why the FTC warned companies about making unfounded claims about mosquito repelling technology.

Science Points to This Being Unproven & Ineffective

According to science, mosquito repelling ultrasound technology doesn’t do a whole lot of good. However, our barrier sprays and other integrated pest management strategies and treatments work!

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