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Bug Inspired Fashion Trends

It’s one of the most exciting times of year for the fashion world: New York Fashion Week is wrapping up, and DC Fashion Week kicks off next Wednesday. Over the years of watching runway shows, we’ve noticed that fashion designers often look to nature — even the insect world — for inspiration.

In fact, Antoine Peters once designed a whole collection featuring mosquitoes! His “To Make an Elephant Out of a Mosquito” line is based on a Dutch proverb and includes everything from mosquito prints to fabric trunks (not the typical trunk show to which we are accustomed!).

Some of these bold and buggy looks on the runway are a bit eclectic compared to popular trends in everyday-wear, so we at DC Mosquito Squad have created our own bug inspired fashion guide.

5 ways to incorporate insect trends into your wardrobe

Go casual

No need to get all dressed up to take part in insect-inspired fashion trends. Several vendors have created printed t-shirts that feature mosquitoes. Try something humorous, like this “I wish mosquitoes sucked fat instead of blood” print ($18.99), or this shirt featuring a ‘mosquito medevac’ for swatted bugs ($24). You can also opt for something edgy, like this tee for suckers ($22), or even something a little more artistic, like this circular pattern with mosquito silhouettes ($29.41).

Show your chic side

If you’re looking to step up your game with something a little more formal, check out Nola Couture’s selection of mosquito print ties ($65), bow ties ($55), pocket squares ($35), and even beach hats ($65).

To complement that beach hat, you can sport this racer back cotton sundress ($35) from Etsy seller BeyondHer to your next summer outing ($35).

Bug out with accessories

Add some pizazz to an outfit with an insect accent. Amazon has this beautiful Ben-Amun Gold Mosquito Pendant.

Etsy is full of adorable mosquito accessories, like this mosquito watch ($14.50) and these mosquito earrings ($4). There’s also this vintage mosquito tie tack ($15) and this embroidered baseball cap ($14.99). To freak out your friends, sport one of these mosquito temporary tattoos ($4.57) that create an optical illusion that a mosquito is permanently stuck to your body sucking your blood!

Clothing for a cause

Fashion and charity go hand-in-hand, so many designers and brands are commissioning pieces that will help fight malaria. $10 from every purchase of one of Alexandra Taylor’s colorful scarves ($115) will be donated to Nothing But Nets to help fight malaria.

The maker of this mosquito beanie ($20) is also donating to the cause, with $10 going to Malaria No More for every 10 hats sold.

As mosquito control experts, we know that in addition to being an annoyance, mosquitoes can be deadly and carry disease like malaria. Malaria was eradicated in the US over 50 years ago. However, over 250 million Africans contract malaria each year, resulting in the death of over 2,000 children every day. Mosquito Squad is proud to partner with Malaria No More to fight the bite and save lives across the globe.

Another malaria charity, Malaika for Life, is selling bracelets to empower women and treat malaria in Tanzania. Each bracelet is handmade by a mother in Arusha, and every bracelet sold provides funding for malaria medicine for children in need.

Celebrities have also joined the fight against malaria – through fashion! A few years ago, Kate Moss wore a dress made of recycled mosquito netting to raise awareness about how to prevent the spread of malaria. Elizabeth Banks sported a Malaria No More t-shirt and encouraged others to join her in taking a stand against the disease.