What month do mosquitoes go away in Texas?

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December 20, 2023

Depending on where you live in the state of Texas, you could experience heightened mosquito activity from late winter through to late autumn.

Yes, mosquito season in southernmost portions of Texas can be up to nine months long. Here in Austin and Central Texas, mosquito activity is at its worst from May through November. Mosquitoes never actually go away. They simply go into a dormancy of sorts, called diapause. And when conditions are prime, they will be on the move once more, hungry and ready to breed.

Are mosquitoes a problem in Austin TX?

Yes, mosquitoes can be a problem in Austin. According to online reports, Austin is now among the 50 most mosquito-troubled cities in the United States. New in 2023, our city ranks at #46. Other Texas cities on the list include Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antinio – ranked number 5, 9, and 36, respectively.

Why are mosquitoes such a problem in Texas?

In July 2023, one online report ranks the state of Texas second in the entire country for mosquitoes, just behind Florida, the worst state for mosquitoes in the United States. It’s all about the warm climate and humidity. Mosquitoes thrive in many parts of Texas, simply because conditions are prime for breeding and feeding. There are no states, even dry or cold states, devoid of mosquitoes.

What can you do to keep mosquitoes away?

While it’s true that there are natural mosquito deterrents, such as plantings, and mosquito predators, like bats, these are not surefire methods of keeping mosquitoes away from your home in Texas. Go ahead and plant lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint if you can grow it. Attract hummingbirds and bats to your property. But do not count on these methods alone to keep mosquitoes away from your home and family.

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