Chikungunya in Austin Texas

The very first case of Chikungunya in humans to be confirmed in Texas was reported last summer right here in the Austin area. Chikungunya is pronounced chik-un-gun-ya and is a disease transmitted to people by mosquitoes. There have been 19 confirmed cases of Chikungunya in the state of Texas this summer so far. With the mosquito infestation being the worst it’s been in over 20 years, this number is likely to continue to rise.

What is Chikungunya?

Chikungunya is named after a verb in the Kimakonde language that means “to become contorted” which is evidence of the joint pain that Chikungunya patients suffer with. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) this mosquito-borne disease is rarely fatal but can be quite debilitating. One of the biggest concerns about Chikungunya is that people can transmit it back to mosquitoes. While most cases of Chikungunya in the U.S. originate from people who have traveled elsewhere, it can easily be transmitted throughout the area from a single infected person.

Symptoms of Chikungunya

According to WHO, Chikungunya symptoms usually appear 4-7 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito. Symptoms can include joint pain, joint swelling, headache, rash, muscle pain, nausea, fatigue and high fever. Rarely fatal, Chikungunya remains in the human system for 5-7 days in which mosquitoes who bite the infected patient will then become infected.

Chikungunya Prevention in Austin

The Yellow Fever Mosquito and the Asian Tiger Mosquito are the two main transmitters of Chikungunya. Given the aggressiveness and daytime eating habits of the Asian Tiger, simply staying inside from dusk until dawn will not protect you. Your best method of Chikungunya prevention is to eliminate mosquitoes in your own yard. Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin can eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard with our traditional barrier treatment. Lasting for up to 21 days, you’ll be protected for weeks. For those looking for a more natural solution we also have all natural mosquito treatment that eliminates 70-75% of mosquitoes and lasts for about 14 days. But if you have a particularly challenging mosquito problem, our mosquito misting system might be the best solution, eliminating 90%+ of the mosquitoes in your yard and working continuously all season long.

With many mosquito control services to offer, Mosquito Squad is your best choice for preventing Chikungunya and other mosquito-borne illnesses. Give us a call now to begin enjoying a mosquito free yard this summer. Call (512) 456-9954, send us a contact form.