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Ron Tilton Profile Image

Ron Tilton

(May 24, 2024)

"Been a customer for 3-4 years. Very professional and my yard has been wonderful since. I even had them do a special treatment for a backyard wedding once, which turned out amazing. Highly recommend!"

Snack Daddy Profile Image

Snack Daddy

(May 23, 2024)

"We are very pleased with the service, so far. We just moved in to our new home and the Mosquitoes had taken over our yard. We have not been able to enjoy a single day out on the porch or deck. Marvin serviced our home today for the first time and was very professional. He listened and seemed to geniunely care about my Mosquito problem. He explained how he was going to address the issue and politely answered all my questions. Fingers crossed that this works! Thank you Marvin!"

Lisa Marie Gaglianese Profile Image

Lisa Marie Gaglianese

(May 22, 2024)

"Mosquito Squad has been treating our house for over 5 years. They have positively made a BIG DIFFERENCE in the mosquito and exterior bugs around our house. We tried other companies, but were very disappointed with their results. No other company seems to stack up to Mosquito Squad. They are THE BEST!"

Nate Baker (Renegade3) Profile Image

Nate Baker (Renegade3)

(May 16, 2024)

"We have been Mosquito Squad customers for 5 years...last year I tried to control the mosquito issue myself and failed miserably. I resubscribed and could not be happier."

Crystal V Profile Image

Crystal V

(April 29, 2024)

"Love Marvin he’s just about perfect as far as a technician. Kind sweet and so personable and wants always to know if I was satisfied"

Sally Grossnickle Profile Image

Sally Grossnickle

(October 31, 2023)

"Mostly good experience. Last person did excellent job but the one just prior to last treatment was not nearly as thorough. Zipped through so fast and did not do a thorough job."

Joe Gatewood Profile Image

Joe Gatewood

(September 19, 2023)

"What a game changer! No mosquitoes all season. Great job!"

Mike Kiefer Profile Image

Mike Kiefer

(September 5, 2023)

"Great customer service! Very responsive - same day! Treatment representative was thorough and friendly."

Robert Hatch Profile Image

Robert Hatch

(September 3, 2023)

"Our house was inundated with knats. We where having a wedding and reception in our backyard. There was nothing we could do by ourselves, so I researched companies that could help. Mosquitoe Squad had a better value and worked with our schedules. Larry the owner came out and put down the initial spray, and you could notice a dramatic decrease of knats. After the second spray they were gone!! Not having to worry about bugs attacking our guest was a great relief. I would recommend Larry and Mosquitoe Sqaud, for any type of event."