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Howell is a quiet, small town that has plenty of options available away from the capital while still being close to it. There are healthy food choices as well as enjoyable activities, including the melon and balloon festivals. The city is just stunning. The downtown area of Howell is incredible since you can find multiple things to see and participate in both day and night.

Meanwhile, the mosquitoes continue to plot how to destroy your plans, but the Mosquito Squad of Fenton-Brighton, Serving Brighton, has the strategy to terminate pests and keep them at bay. We've been implementing our Barrier Protection Treatment, which was created in 2005 to kill ticks and mosquitoes, and it has helped thousands of residents and event planners. Not only does the formula eliminate a large percentage of the pests, but it also keeps up to ninety percent of them away for twenty-one days. We are a locally owned business with international recognition, so our technique has been proven effective. Let us help protect your family, guests, and pets too.

Mosquito Control in Howell, Michigan

In Michigan, some mosquito species carry the West Nile virus. It's a possibly lethal disease that can strike anybody, but individuals over 60 are much more susceptible to getting the more extreme type of WNV infection. Folks who work or operate outside are at the greatest risk of being bitten by infected mosquitoes. It is critical to use insect repellent while outside(particularly in the early morning and sunset) to avoid contracting WNV. Dead or dying birds, specifically crows and blue jays, can indicate the presence of WNV in a community.

Let the Mosquito Squad of Fenton-Brighton come and treat your yard, especially the areas that create habitats for mosquitoes. One or more of our professional applicators will visit your residence whenever it is convenient for you to spray the barrier control across your yard. If you can't be home to welcome our team for the application, it is not a big deal. Our certified technicians will still carry out the process, then leave you a notice that we came by. If you see a rise in mosquitoes before the completion of the 21 days, contact us promptly, and we will spray again.

Tick Control in Howell, Michigan

When a host comes near a tick's hiding place and brushes against it, the tick easily climbs onboard. It then seeks out an appropriate location to attack its host and begin its hour, day, or weeks of bloodsucking.

At Mosquito Squad of Fenton-Brighton serving Brighton, we use a Barrier Protection spray that usually eliminates ticks too. If your situation is extreme, we draw our treated biodegradable tick tubes, used to lure mice. When tick tubes are placed in the mice environment, the mice will collect the cotton for bedding. Since numerous ticks get their initial blood feasts from mice, it exposes them to treated cotton, which ultimately controls ticks.

All-Natural Mosquito Control Howell, Michigan

One thing about all-natural repellent is that it is safe for everyone and their pets too. When the Mosquito Squad of Fenton-Brighton professional technicians visit your home to apply the Barrier Treatment, they first examine the areas to look for breeding sites and treat their first. They then move along the periphery of your home to spray the all-natural solution and keep away ticks and mosquitoes for as much as fourteen days, barring extreme weather conditions. Once thirty minutes of drying time has elapsed, your family and pets can head back outside to have a ball.

Why Mosquito Squad of Fenton-Brighton

Thousands of homeowners trust our method, which has been proven to eliminate and stave off mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Our treatment solutions deter insect bites for your event and home with single treatments or all summer long. Our one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteeassures you of our superb service. Don't waver; contact our mosquito control specialists by filling out our contact formor call Mosquito Squad of Fenton - Brighton at (810) 202-9771 now to get your free estimate and start enjoying the outdoor lifestyle again.

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