Does spraying for fleas work?

Close up on a flea

If you have a flea infestation, you should speak with a trusted flea exterminator right away.

Fleas are not simply unsightly parasitic creatures; they can get out of hand seemingly overnight. What's more, due to their parasitic nature, they can be harmful to our health and that of our pets. It is sometimes difficult to catch a potential flea infestation. At many times, fleas go unnoticed until a full infestation is at hand. Mosquito Squad of El Paso is here to help you eliminate fleas through our trusted flea extermination methods.

Extermination by spraying for fleas is not a foregone conclusion.

Can you spray for fleas? Sure. But we implore you to consider that spraying for fleas only goes so far towards extermination. Fleas are hardy, and they must be addressed accordingly.

Flea bombs are among the most common flea extermination treatments. To use a flea bomb, all you have to do is set one up in any space where you want to eliminate fleas. Once the bomb detonates, it releases pesticides into the air to kill fleas.

Along with bombs, traps and sprays are commonly used to treat fleas.

Traps usually have a small light bulb inside, which attracts fleas. The bulb is suspended over a sticky board or soapy water. When a flea enters the trap, it gets stuck to the surface beneath the light bulb.

Meanwhile, you can apply a flea spray to release pesticides into the air to combat fleas. The spray can be applied on any surfaces you choose.

Flea bombs, traps, and sprays are popular flea extermination treatment options, but each has its flaws.

Bombs can leave behind a residue on surfaces and won't necessarily eliminate fleas hidden under furniture and other sheltered areas.

Traps have little to no impact on flea eggs and fleas in the larval and pupal stages or as eggs. They tend to work best as monitoring devices and let you know if fleas are present in your home.

And, there is no guarantee you're going to be able to get rid of all of the fleas in your home with a flea spray, either.

Here's how flea extermination via granular flea control works.

To reduce the flea population at your home, a granular flea control treatment may prove to be the best option. The treatment helps protect you from fleas, gnats, ticks, and other pests.

Mosquito Squad of El Paso offers a granular treatment that we apply to a property twice a year — once early in the spring and once early in the fall. Prior to the initial treatment, our pest control technicians visit your home and identify any problem areas. We can then apply the first granular control treatment, and you can reduce the pest population at your home in the months to come.

Following your first year of granular flea control, you can keep the treatments going year after year. This can help you minimize the flea population at your home long into the future.

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