About Us

Mosquito & Tick Control in The Eastern Shore of Maryland & Delaware

At Mosquito Squad of The Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware we are dedicated to protecting families from the dangers and nuisance of mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. In 2005, we invented the Protective Barrier Treatment, and since then we have delivered over 2 million protective treatments to 300,000 customers. We are proud to serve clients throughout the Eastern Shore of Maryland & Delaware and surrounding areas. Contact our team of licensed and trained tick and mosquito control experts today for a free estimate at (443) 290-5209!

As the owners of Mosquito Squad of The Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware, we lived on the Eastern Shore for over 10 years and love everything about it. We discovered after the first year that the mosquitoes love the Eastern shore as much as we do. We declared war! The war raged on for years, we tried everything. We bought sprays that smelled so bad we couldn’t stand the smell of each other. We bought citronella candles that came in buckets. All we wanted was to enjoy our backyard—we wanted to eat on our deck and play with our dogs outside. Thankfully, we heard about Mosquito Squad in a newspaper article, and we were 100% satisfied with their services. We decided to start our own Mosquito Squad, and now we are dedicated to relieving families and business from the nuisance of mosquitoes and other pests.

Take the first steps toward a bite-free yard by calling the Squad at (443) 290-5209.