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Arturo Leon Profile Image

Arturo Leon

(June 27, 2024)

"Great service performed by polite and professional techs, highly recommend !"

Arturo Jesús León Profile Image

Arturo Jesús León

(June 27, 2024)

"Mosquitos Squad es una excelente compañía. Por fin puedo usar mi patio con mis hijos. Gracias!"

Melianys Leon Profile Image

Melianys Leon

(June 27, 2024)

"Amazing service! The techs and the sales people are absolutely fantastic. Very honest people and always reliable. I also installed a misting system and that was the best investment!"

Seabass Profile Image


(December 2, 2023)

"Highly recommend their services, very dedicated team, dealt with my mosquito problem with efficiency and professionalism unmatched by other companies I have worked with. Thank you so much!"

Bonnie Hansen Profile Image

Bonnie Hansen

(August 5, 2023)

"Gerardo, Damian and Alex are THE BEST!!!!! Always efficient, on time and knowledgeable. Just had the mister system installed. Best investment for on demand mosquito control. Can't forget Monica in the office. She keeps the guys on track! Love you Guys."

Justin Puder Profile Image

Justin Puder

(December 2, 2020)

"I used mosquito squad after moving into a new home which had a lot of damp areas and the backyard was overrun with mosquitoes. The service by mosquito squad was very effective and we can now be outside in the evening without being swarmed! It made a HUGE difference and I’d recommend this company to anyone without hesitation."

Kristen Pinto Profile Image

Kristen Pinto

(August 27, 2020)

"Technician is very pleasant and knowledgable."

Gregory Sepanski Profile Image

Gregory Sepanski

(July 16, 2020)

"My house is on a lake and the mosquitoes “were” very bad this year. After the first treatment they were completely gone after two days. Fast forward two weeks later and I noticed two mosquitoes. We went from having tons of mosquitoes to just two. They came back out today for a follow treatment. I was initially hesitant about this working but after seeing the results I wish I would have called them sooner."

Brian Crew Profile Image

Brian Crew

(July 16, 2020)

"Really helpful. Definitely see a reduction in mosquitoes."