Across the country, we have over 240 franchise locations providing unparalleled barrier control treatments for mosquitos, ticks and other biting insects.

As you know, we are in the midst of an uncertain time and we are learning more each and every day.

First, we are open and operating and will continue to do so as long as it is safe and legal. We have been working with our suppliers to make sure that we are properly stocked with the necessary products and personal protective equipment to ensure that we are able to complete our services at the highest level of safety possible.

Second, your safety is of our utmost concern as a service provider. With our new procedures, our technicians have no need to come into close physical contact with you, so the risks of any kind of transmission is extremely limited.

We have taken a variety of steps to ensure a safe work environment for our employees in order to minimize any potential risk to our customers. The technicians have been instructed to take these common-sense precautions:

  • Stay at home if sick or exhibiting any symptoms;
  • Use personal protective equipment at all times, including respirators. Use of respirators not only minimizes the dangers of handling pesticides, but also helps reduce the spread of germs. Do not be alarmed when you see the technicians in respirators as this is normal everyday practice for Mosquito Squad;
  • Limit contact with customers and are encouraged to email and text rather than ringing the doorbell when notifying customers that they are at their property; and
  • Wash their hands and not greet others with handshakes; and

Third, we are staying on top of the latest development through the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization. To date, there has been no information nor evidence to suggest that COVID-19 can be transmitted by mosquitoes. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that spreads primarily through contact with an infected person. Please protect yourself by following guidelines offered by the CDC:

Finally, while we are doing everything that we can to minimize the risk of exposure, we kindly ask that you do the same for the technicians. If someone in your home is sick or becomes sick, please let the office know so that you do not expose the technicians. If you have an appointment and you feel the need to postpone that appointment due to illness, please know that we will welcome you back as soon as you are ready. We will continue to monitor State and Federal laws and will keep you posted if we are not able to complete our services as normal.