Why you need additional mosquito control for your West Ashley, Charleston home

Author: Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston

Here in West Ashley, mosquito control is provided by Charleston County. The county services include reduction in both larvae and adult mosquito populations through the county’s large 29-person mosquito control team. The county team treats standing water and has both truck-mounted and helicopter units.


The CCMC program does not treat or protect your personal yard

By design, county protection treats municipal areas. The Charleston County Mosquito Control Program is a comprehensive municipal program that treats aquatic stage mosquitoes through adult mosquitoes as well as providing public education about mosquitoes and mosquito treatment.

Unfortunately, the municipal program does not treat private property. Therefore, mosquitoes will still mate, nest and multiply like crazy in your yard. To protect your yard, you’ll need to supplement with a West Ashley private mosquito abatement company like Mosquito Squad of Charleston & West Ashley.

Mosquito on skin

How private West Ashley mosquito abatement works

Mosquito Squad provides barrier protection treatment for private yards. For a low cost, a trained and licensed technician provides barrier protection treatment every few weeks throughout the spring and summer. With barrier protection, your technician treats the foliage around the perimeter of your yard with a backpack sprayer. The treatment adheres to the foliage, keeping mosquitoes as well as ticks at bay for 2 – 3 weeks at a time. This long-lasting protection is accomplished as the Mosquito Squad treatment has a micro-encapsulated timed-release component providing continual protection until your next treatment.

Mosquito on a leaf

The CCMCP provides tremendous municipal protection

While the municipal program does not provide regular protection for your yard, it does provide protection for the public areas throughout the county. In 2018, the CCMCP treated over 30,000 acres for larvae stage mosquitoes. Via helicopter and airplane, areas with standing water and drainage ditches were effectively treated.

In addition to larval stage protection, over 600,000 acres were treated for adult mosquitoes in 2018 through the county protection program.

Finally, the program provides education about the 50+ species of mosquitoes that live and breed in Charleston County.

For ultimate West Ashley mosquito control, ensure your private yard is treated for mosquitoes and ticks throughout the season. You’ll love spending time in your yard where mosquitoes previously have driven you and your family inside in heavy breeding areas and in heavy activity times. Contact Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston today to find out about signing up for effective season-long protection. You can reach us by calling us at (843) 258-5415 or by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!