Who to Choose for Mosquito Control in Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Author: Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston

The combination of precipitation and warm temperatures only means one thing: more mosquitoes! If you’re considering backyard mosquito control for your Kiawah Island home, make sure to rely on America’s original mosquito control company – Mosquito Squad®. We’ve been protecting customers’ yards from mosquitoes and other biting, annoying insects since 2005. There’s a reason we’re still operating with hundreds of locations across the country. To take back your Kiawah Island yard from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other annoying, biting pests, call us today at (843) 258-5415!Pier

What separates Mosquito Squad® from other Kiawah Island Mosquito Control Companies?

As you’re more than likely aware, there is a plethora of mosquito control companies in and around the Kiawah Island area. The first thing that separates Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston from other mosquito control companies is our commitment to customer service. Essentially, we’re not happy unless our customers are. Every single job we complete is backed up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re still seeing mosquito and tick activity within 21 days of our treatment, we’ll come back to your home and re-treat your property at no charge. That’s how confident we are in our barrier application solution.

As stated earlier, we invented the protective barrier treatment, back in 2005! Our solution is so effective that we’ve protected over 300,000 families since our inception and we’re now serving 36 states, as well as working in Kenya and Indonesia.

Mosquito on arm

With Mosquito Squad® you’ll receive the most effective mosquito control solution on the market. Remember, every other company that you see offering the barrier treatment is emulating what we created. So, for all your mosquito, tick, flea and other biting insect control needs, make the right call and call America’s original mosquito control experts at Mosquito Squad®.

We offer different types of treatments, too! If you’re looking for season-long mosquito control, we have you covered. Additionally, for example, if you’re having a Fourth of July cookout and want to ensure your guests aren’t literally itching to leave from swarms of mosquitoes and other biting insects, we offer a special event treatment, too. No matter your mosquito control needs, we’re the most experienced and trusted mosquito control company in the U.S. and abroad.


To sign up for season-long mosquito control or special event mosquito control, call us today at (843) 258-5415 or fill out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!