For the Ultimate Flea Control in Charleston, SC, Call Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston

Author: Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston

For the Ultimate Mosquito Control in Charleston, SC, Call Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston

If you thought that our expert capabilities stopped at mosquito control, we have excellent news! If you’re searching for a company to also help you keep your yard free of fleas all season long, then call the local flea control experts in Charleston, SC, at Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston. To claim your free estimate for flea control, simply call us today at (843) 258-5415 !


Unfortunately, our climate is perfectly suited for fleas to survive and thrive nearly all year long. According to an article on, “…fleas die in temperatures colder than 46.4°F”. That means that nearly our entire year is optimal for the survival of fleas. Make sure you aren’t allowing fleas to turn your backyard into their very own year-round settlement. Alert The Squad!

Flea Control For Your Charleston, SC Backyard


Fleas are not only annoying when you’re dealing with them in your yard, but they’ll most likely make their way into your home by way of your pets. If you eliminate the fleas in your yard you’re drastically reducing the likelihood of having to treat your house for fleas. Make the smart choice and be proactive. By being proactive and eliminating fleas early in the season, your chances of fleas invading the interior of your home decrease.

Our treatment will significantly reduce your yard’s fleas with our proven product mix. It will attack the adult fleas that are present and work towards preventing them from breeding in the future with an insect growth regulator (IGR). This is the key component to ensuring your yard’s flea problem is solved.

Call Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston today for all your Charleston, SC, flea control needs at (843) 258-5415or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!