How long should your Charleston mosquito yard spray last?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston

Mosquito SQUAD may have started the outdoor pest control industry over a decade ago, but we know since then a lot of competitors have popped up. Most claim to have long-lasting protection similar to ours, but the reality is that once they spray it, it knocks down existing mosquitoes and lasts maybe a few days before they start appearing in the yard again. Then the homeowners and their families are left swatting and itching again until their next treatment. 

Sometimes, a Charleston mosquito control company will claim their treatment lasts for three weeks like ours does, then come out to your yard more often than that, saying they’re providing “extra protection.” Reality is that their formula is not time-released and simply is not as effective as they say it is. What they’re basically doing is working twice as hard to be not even half as good.

Mosquito Squad’s formula, however, is micro-encapsulated and designed to be time released by its chemical makeup. We put a lot of time and research into the development of our specially-formulated solution, and because of this it isn’t cheap. However, unlike competitors, we can guarantee its time-released effectiveness. Sure, we could have come up with a cheaper solution that didn’t require so much brainpower on our end, but it wouldn’t work nearly as well as it does.

A less-expensive alternative may sound appealing, but it’s true that “you get what you pay for.” So accept no imitations — Mosquito SQUAD is the authority in Charleston mosquito control. Only The SQUAD can guarantee up to 90% fewer mosquitoes on your property for three weeks at a time. For the most effective mosquito elimination treatment you can buy in the Palmetto State, contact Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston at (843) 258-5415 and take back your yard for the entire summer — not just a few days here and there. It’s your yard, your summer, and you deserve it.

No bugs. No bites. No kidding.