How do mosquito bites work? Why do we get itchy bumps?

Author: Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston

We all know that mosquitoes leave us with itchy bumps when they bite us, but have you ever wondered how exactly that happens? 

As it turns out, the process is much more complicated than most people realize, but a mosquito’s anatomy is incredibly sophisticated in order to make this happen.

Only female mosquitoes bite people, and they do this because they need a fresh blood meal in order to reproduce and lay eggs. The long “nose” that they pierce into your skin is actually a cluster of six different needle-like spires which have different purposes.

Two of these spires have tiny “teeth” which she uses to saw into your skin. Think of them as little steak knives.

Two other of these spires hold open the skin, like forceps.

One of the needles looks around for blood, and acts as a “straw” for her to ingest it.

The last of them excretes a chemical into your skin that makes your blood flow to her easily so she can use her “straw," and this same chemical is what irritates the skin. Basically, that itchy bump you get is an allergic reaction to that chemical.

Unfortunately, sometimes in that secretion, the female mosquito also leaves behind a dangerous pathogen, which is how dangerous diseases are transmitted.

This complex process is incredibly simple for mosquitoes, takes less time than the blink of an eye, and works so well for them that it has ensured their survival for nearly 100 million years!

Watch the video clip here to see it in action!

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