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Do Mosquitoes Go Away in the Fall?

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Now that we’ve entered August, traditionally seen as the end of summer, we often get lots of questions about the mosquito season and its duration. In Virginia, where mosquitoes are notoriously bad, our climate allows for mosquitoes to live longer than in the Northeast, meaning the mosquito season is longer here. Our region exists between the deep south and far north, so our seasons are glorious to behold, but our summers are just as hot as any further south. Further, with climate change gradually contributing to our shifting climate, we can expect that summer heat will extend for longer and our mosquito season will too. What does this mean for us? As much as we would like for mosquitoes to depart earlier, the reality is far different. Based on evidence from past seasons and future predictions, our outdoor living experiences will be at risk now and in future months, which makes defensive measures essential.

Your mosquito control company is important in autumn

As we all know, mosquitoes are a gigantic nuisance, but they are also the harbingers of other things that are far worse. For example, while we associate mosquito-borne diseases with continents abroad, some of these diseases do exist in our part of the world. West Nile virus was detected in several samples just last month, so we know that not all mosquitoes are simply nuisances; they could be something far worse. Spending time in the outdoors is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but there are few things as annoying as a swarm of mosquitoes that raids you or your guests. To contract a mosquito-borne disease like West Nile in Virginia would be even worse. With this in mind, mosquito control is important, even through the fall!

Trust your mosquito control company for effective treatments

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve worked since 2005 to ensure our clients are defended against mosquitoes and the various diseases they can carry. With the help of our barrier protection treatments, we can guarantee up to a 90% reduction in the mosquito population on your property. Further, we also offer natural mosquito control if you prefer an essential oil-based mosquito control method that is nearly as effective as our original formula! With treatments every two to three weeks, you can remain defended through the summer and fall.

We know how important your outdoor enjoyment and your health are to long-term happiness, and we are here to ensure you can savor the outdoors like never before.

Mosquitoes can linger in our region through the fall. Make sure to defend against these creatures with a mosquito control company you can trust: Mosquito Squad of Central VA. Give us a call at (804) 409-2710.

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