When Can You Plan for Canton Mosquito Control?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

Although we are currently in the depths of winter, warmer days lie ahead of us, and so do the plans we have for the spring and summer! However, there are more risks to spending time outside than there were in the past. In recent years, our warming climate has made life more difficult for some species and far easier for others. Much to our misfortune, many species that we consider mortal enemies are growing in strength as warmer temperatures extend northward. What creatures are we referencing? You probably have an idea already. Mosquitoes, including those that are known to carry dangerous diseases, have seen their numbers grow and their range expand with warmer temperatures. We have dealt with mosquitoes for generations in the Northwest (and globally), but there has been a historically low incidence of mosquito borne diseases infecting humans here. This pattern is changing, however. West-Nile virus, Zika virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and other diseases are being detected in mosquito populations in the Northeastern U.S., and defensive measures against mosquitoes have never been more important. As soon as outside temperature reaches a consistent 50 degrees Fahrenheit, mosquitoes will begin to hatch. So, keep an eye on your thermostat and you can proactively schedule your mosquito treatment in anticipation of warm weather!

Defend your outdoor events with Canton mosquito control

While you may not think much of the mosquitoes whining around your yard, there is reason to be concerned. Although rare, EEE is one of a few mosquito-borne diseases that have life changing consequences. Indeed, this disease causes swelling on the brain, and roughly 30% of people who contract it end up dying. This is an extreme example of what you might encounter in your back yard, but there isn’t a single mosquito-borne disease that should be taken lightly. Each, especially in chronic cases, can have permanent consequences for those who are unlucky enough to get infected. With such consequences in mind, don’t take any chances. Mosquito control is a simple solution for a big problem, and Mosquito Squad has all the answers!

When warm weather returns, you want to be able to enjoy the best that your outdoor living spaces have to offer. Whether you have a pool, patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, or yard, you are exposed to the elements and the mosquitoes that fly on the breeze. To give you peace of mind and a genuine sense of security, make sure to consult an expert for your mosquito control needs.

Put your trust in Mosquito Squad

For comprehensive defense against mosquitoes, Mosquito Squad has you covered. Since 2005, we’ve used our Barrier Protection Treatment to solve the mosquito problem of over 300,000 families. Applied around the perimeter of your property and on mosquito hot spots, our treatment has been proven to defend your property for up to 21 days. Fear not the mosquitoes that lie in wait for you to come outside.

To get started, give Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South a call at (781) 471-5793. We look forward to hearing from you!