Is Mosquito Repellent a Pesticide?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

If you are considering professional Hingham mosquito control, you might be wondering…

Is mosquito repellent a pesticide? By definition pesticides are solutions that prevent, destroy, or repel pests. That means in simple terms, mosquito repellents are pesticides. But not all pesticides are created the same. Not all pesticides contain chemical insecticides.

What is Mosquito Squad’s mosquito repellent solution?

Unlike our EPA-registered mosquito control formula, our mosquito repellent is an natural mosquito protection solution. Comprised of a base of concentrated essential oils, this barrier protection formulation will not only repel mosquitoes, but also ticks, for about two weeks between treatments.

Are you a good candidate for natural mosquito control treatment?

Even though our traditional barrier protection treatment meets local and federal regulations, not every Mosquito Squad client is keen to have a chemical insecticide applied to their yard. Anyone, who wishes for a natural mosquito repellent, is a great candidate for our professional naturalyard treatment. Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South can help you determine whether naturalrepellent is right for your yard.

What is the difference between our EPA-registered formula and natural mosquito control solution?

You might believe natural mosquito control solutions to be ineffective, but that’s not true for Mosquito Squad’s natural mosquito protection. You can expect to see 75 to 80% fewer mosquitoes on your property, and our natural mosquito and tick control remains effective for about 14 days between resprays. It is a bit less effective than our traditional barrier mosquito control treatment and it must be reapplied every two weeks rather than every three weeks, but if naturalmakes you feel more confident enjoying your yard with your family and pets, then it’s the right protection for you.

How are our mosquito control solutions the same?

No matter which Mosquito Squad formula you choose, you need only wait about a half-hour for the treatment to dry before you can be back out in your yard. No matter which you choose, we will keep you on our treatment schedule, so that your protection is continuous from April through October. Both our mosquito protection formulas are available for special event sprays to keep mosquitoes away from you and your guests during outdoor events. Both offer protection against potentially infectious tick and mosquito bites. Neither is a poor choice, nor a wrong choice – only the best choice for your home and family.

If you have questions about our mosquito control formulas, get in touch with Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South at (781) 471-5793.