Why Do Mosquitoes Like Me So Much?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Why Do Mosquitoes Like Me So Much?

June 12, 2023

If you ever feel like mosquitoes seek you out when you’re in a group and are most likely to bite you, you might not be wrong. You could be “the best” at attracting mosquitoes! You can change some of the factors in attracting mosquitoes, like the color of your clothes. But others, like your carbon dioxide output, are qualities you’re stuck with.

Of course, mosquitoes can find you by your scent; that’s why bug spray is so helpful. But what other lesser-known factors are drawing them to you? Learn why you might be a mosquito magnet and tips to keep them away!

What Blood Type Do Mosquitoes Like?

Many species of mosquitoes favor type O blood. Their least favorite blood type tends to be A, but that doesn’t mean they won’t bite you if you have A blood.

If you’re type O, you can’t change who you are! Our best solution: Stick around friends with type O blood when you’re out on humid summer nights to make it harder for the mosquitoes to decide who to bite. Our next best solution: Get a traditional mosquito barrier treatment to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor space for up to 21 days! After that, no matter your blood type, you can skip worrying about attracting the bothersome bug.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Carbon Dioxide?

Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide because it signals to them that there is an animal with blood nearby. They can sense your carbon dioxide output from up to 100 feet away! Mosquitoes have receptor cells on their antennae and legs that sense carbon dioxide and send a signal to their brain indicating they’re near a potential host.

This is why it may seem like mosquitoes are attracted to your breath and extra attracted to you if you’re breathing heavily. However, your natural metabolic rate also determines your carbon dioxide output.

Apart from your breath and blood type, external factors can also attract mosquitoes. Let’s get into those!

What Colors Are Mosquitoes Attracted To?

Mosquitoes like dark colors such as black and navy, along with vibrant red and orange. But why do mosquitoes like dark colors? When dark clothing is set against a high-contrast background, like a lovely lake, it makes it easier for mosquitoes to spot your silhouette. Also, dark colors absorb heat, which allows the pesky bugs to find you more easily. Red and orange also stand out, as they replicate human skin undertones.

However, color alone doesn’t attract the bugs. Mosquitoes will detect you if you’re wearing an appealing color and there’s another signal drawing them, such as carbon dioxide, body heat, or water vapor (like sweat).

What Colors Keep Mosquitoes Away?

To reduce mosquito bites by choosing the right clothing, we recommend wearing light and earthy tones, such as white, green, khaki, or light blue. Light-colored clothes may also help you produce less body heat, which will make you less attractive to mosquitoes.

If you don’t want to worry about the clothes you wear to keep mosquitoes away while you’re in your yard, get an automatic misting system. After your yard is equipped with this remote-controlled system, it will be your yard to frolic in!

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Heat?

Mosquitoes can detect a body’s heat with their sight. Yes, you read that correctly! Their vision has thermal sensory abilities that help them detect warm-blooded hosts. This means that the warmer you are, the easier it will be for a mosquito to spot you.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Sweat and Water Vapor?

Yes, totally! When you get warm, sweat forms on your skin. This form of water vapor allows a mosquito to recognize when it’s close to your skin.

Just as mosquitoes are attracted to the condensation on your body, they’re also attracted to the standing water in your yard. If you have a swimming pool that isn’t well kept, it may be the perfect breeding ground for mosquito larvae. Save yourself from future infestations by getting pool cleaning services from America’s Swimming Pool Co., another trusted Authority Brands company.

Keep Mosquitoes Away!

While there are many ways a mosquito can sense you, there are also many ways to keep the annoying bug away. Remember to wear light-colored clothes and make choices that help you lower your body temperature. The best way to keep mosquitoes away is with a mosquito control service. Don’t spend your time worrying about how you can be less attractive to mosquitoes; enjoy your yard in peace with the help of Mosquito Squad’s professional technicians. Contact us today for a free quote, or call (877) 332-2239.