Unexpected Reasons Mosquitoes Love You

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Unexpected Reasons Mosquitoes Love You

February 3, 2022

It’s not all in your head: mosquitoes like some folks way more than others. You and your friends can be outside, and one person will leave with no bites and another will leave with 15. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot that you can do about it. Your genes are the biggest factor in controlling your metabolic rate and the bacteria on your skin, two huge factors in attracting mosquitoes.

Metabolic Rate

Your metabolic rate is a complex topic, but for our purposes, the reason it matters is that it determines the carbon dioxide you release. To a mosquito, the horizon is constantly flowing with rivers of carbon dioxide from all vertebrates. These rivers eventually lead to a mouth. Studies have shown that pregnant women do release about 20% more carbon dioxide than their peers, so pregnant women can add mosquito bites to their list of discomforts!

Skin Bacteria

Whether it seems gross to you or not, your skin is covered with bacteria! It certainly isn’t all bad, but it can either attract or repel mosquitoes. A recent study has shown that mosquitoes particularly love people with just a few types of bacteria. People who have a diverse bouquet of bacteria are less likely to be bitten.

Blood Type

You might’ve heard your grandma say something about your sweet blood, and she might’ve been right. Evidence indicates that folks with type O blood smell more attractive to mosquitoes than their peers, with type A blood coming in second place. However, studies indicate that it’s nearly impossible to separate blood type from other factors of attraction.

Those might be the biggest determining factors in whether mosquitoes flock to you or leave you alone, but there is nothing you can do about them. However, you can make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes in other ways. Read on for some ideas on how to make yourself less appetizing to mosquitoes.

Things That Make You Less Attractive to Mosquitoes

Wear Light Clothing

Mosquitoes typically hang out near the ground (until they’re following your carbon dioxide source up to your head). They use a combination of scent and sight to lead them. Dark colors stand out against the horizon, so stick with lighter colors that will help you blend in.

Take a Shower

Mosquitoes love sweat and lactic acid (what your body’s muscles make when you exert yourself). So if you opt to exercise outside, make sure to hop into that shower ASAP and use insect repellent before working out.

Skip the Beer (or Save It for Inside)

There was one study that showed how much mosquitoes love beer. So either avoid it, move the party inside, or get that fan out. Mosquitoes aren’t particularly strong fliers, and the breeze creates a great barrier between them and the party.

Insect Repellent

Since everyone has a different chemical thumbprint, some insect repellents might work well for you but fail for your friends or neighbors. Here at Mosquito Squad, we aren’t doctors, but several recommend a repellent with at least 15% DEET. Always follow product instructions!

The most effective way to make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes is to keep them from invading your space! Get started with our mosquito control services today with your free quote.