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Is there Saddle River Tick Treatment Available in the Winter?

tick on a plant

Like most things, ticks can fall under the pretense of “out of sight, out of mind.” If you live in Saddle River, you will likely not be bitten by a tick in winter. But that doesn’t mean ticks are not out there, nor does it mean that you should opt out of Mosquito Squad’s professional tick treatment regimen after spring, summer, and fall. Although the colder months make it far less likely that you will encounter one of these parasites, they will shelter on your property waiting for the thaw. Fortunately, there are methods for removing ticks even when they hide away during the winter. How can we target ticks when they are hidden, though?

What makes our Saddle River tick treatment a year-round win-win?

Year-round defense against ticks is vital, but you’re probably wondering why it is necessary when winter comes around. Indeed, wintertime Saddle River tick treatment might seem exorbitant. If you are unlikely to get a winter tick bite, why employ year-round tick control? Because Mosquito Squad of Bergen and Passaic County’s tick tubes don’t just protect your family during the winter. With our effective tick tube regimen, you can expect to see less ticks emerge from overwintering on your property in the springtime! Unfortunately, ticks are highly resilient animals, and that makes them hard to eliminate. That’s what makes disrupting their life stages so important. Like any creature in the animal kingdom, ticks develop over time, and that means if you can remove juvenile ticks (which often target smaller animals) from the equation, you are less likely to see the adult ticks that can target larger hosts like humans. This is all great information to know, but how do tick tubes make this focused approach to tick control possible?

Saddle River tick treatment: Tick tubes

Ticks are good at overwintering, and that means any tick control needs to be innovative. Fortunately, tick tubes meet such criteria. Tick tubes consist of three components: 1. A biodegradable cylinder installed in the ground with one end open to the surface and 2. A collection of cotton treated with a pesticide. The third piece might surprise you: Mice. As you might know, mice are nesting animals that use their surroundings to collect warm nesting materials. Cotton is an irresistible, warm material for these animals, and they gladly take the cotton back to their homes. The treated cotton is harmless to the mice, but to ticks it is deadly. Larval ticks love to use mice nests for shelter during the winter, and they like to latch onto mice for sustenance - this is how a tick tube’s simple but efficient technology can control tick populations during the winter. By giving a nest to a mouse, you can kill ticks!

Encountering fewer ticks equates to less threat of tick-borne illnesses.

In addition to drinking your blood, ticks are also known to carry Lyme disease. Mice are often a source of this disease, and by targeting the ticks that feed on mice, you can reduce the risk of being bitten by a tick that could threaten your health. Unfortunately, Lyme disease is on the rise across the country, and it is imperative that you take steps like Saddle River tick treatment to ensure you and your family are not infected. Lyme disease, while curable, has been known to have aftereffects that can last for months to years, and it isn’t worth tempting fate by having lax tick control.

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