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Can We Live Without Mosquitoes?

mosquito on skin

Every single summer, without fail, we are assaulted by a seemingly endless barrage of mosquitoes. Collecting our blood to feed their offspring, these insects are a huge nuisance during the warmest portion of the year. Unless you are a researcher, this is the only side we get to see of mosquitoes; the side that is simply unbearable. The circle of life is an incredibly diverse and complicated puzzle that we will be studying for generations to come, but what role could mosquitoes possibly play in the natural world? To us, mosquitoes are nothing more than a pain in the neck (quite literally), but to others in the animal kingdom mosquitoes are very important. To give you some context into the role mosquitoes play in ecosystems, let’s take a trip back to middle school. As you’ll recall, the food pyramid is composed of many levels, the bottom of which is occupied by smaller organisms that are found in abundance. Further up the pyramid, you’ll find animals that are greater in size and fewer in number until you reach the apex predator, which stands alone atop the food chain. Much like plankton and other minuscule creatures, mosquitoes sit squarely on the bottom level of the food chain in the northeast, providing a valuable source of biomass for animals that rely on them for food. Fish, frogs, birds, and bats eat mosquitoes and their water-borne larvae in vast numbers, so mosquitoes do serve an important role in our region. However, they are not essential to you, and your Saddle River mosquito control experts have you covered this summer.

Saddle River mosquito control: Important for humans

As opposed to other animals, humans are far from reliant on mosquitoes. Although most mosquito species are relatively benign, many of the species we see in our area can carry diseases. West Nile virus is the most common mosquito-borne disease in the United States, which means mosquitoes are a nuisance at their best and a health hazard at worst. Instead of taking risks, consult the experts to handle your mosquito issues. If you are looking for Ho-Ho-Kus mosquito control or Montvale mosquito control, we are here to help. At Mosquito Squad, we have a long history of defending our neighbors from these flying biters, and we’re prepared to help you, too.

Our services are comprehensive and long-lasting with the help of our barrier protection mist. When applied to your property’s perimeter and on mosquito habitat, our mist will keep up to 90% fewer mosquitoes from entering your yard. These results represent years of work in the industry, and we are excited to share our services with you! Many ecosystems rely on mosquitoes, but your yard doesn’t need them. For Saddle River Mosquito Control, give Mosquito Squad of Bergen and Passaic County a call. Our number is (609) 735-6057.

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