Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control Treatment

Say Good Riddance to Fire ants

Getting “ants in your pants” is no joke!

The “fire-like” sting of fire ants is painful and dangerous to humans and animals. They are even attracted to and can wreak havoc on electrical equipment around your property. Mosquito Squad can treat your property and target individual mounds to eliminate fire ants and their threat to you and your loved ones.

Fire ants are the worst neighbors. A fire ant infestation essentially makes your yard a painful minefield, leaving you nowhere to enjoy yourself or relax without being on the lookout. Mosquito Squad® offers the reliable and hyper-effective fire ant treatment you’ve been looking for. That’s a dramatic reduction in pain, risk, and fear.

We proudly use a Protective Barrier Treatment, which is a pest control method that helps families reclaim their outdoor spaces. The barrier sprays will kill fire ants that are outside of their colony, but for longer term control of fire ant mounds, we use baits, broadcast granules, and a specific drench that goes directly into the ant mound. For effective quick and lasting pest control, trust Mosquito Squad®. 

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