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John Sherman Profile Image

John Sherman

(October 17, 2023)

"Cody did an excellent spraying job - he was very thorough."

pam l Profile Image

pam l

(October 17, 2023)

"we've used their service for years. why? their outstanding communication (so I have ample time to cat wrangle), flexibility, thoroughness and "we'll come back again if the bugs show up before the next scheduled spray" put them head and shoulders above the rest. actually, all companies, no matter the product or service, should follow this superlative customer care protocol. really, they are the benchmark for all."

Kylo James Profile Image

Kylo James

(September 18, 2023)

"The technician Joey took care of us. he did very well! he got everything we put in the notes to spray and more! highly recommend mosquito squad"

Lois Findlay Profile Image

Lois Findlay

(September 12, 2023)

"Good communication and easy to do business with."

Cynthia Parsons Profile Image

Cynthia Parsons

(September 2, 2023)

"I called about a respray and they came back in 2 days! Great service!!!"