Tick Treatment for Your Yard for Ultimate Protection

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Throughout history, humans have thought of thousands upon thousands of ways to defend themselves against diseases, intruders, weather, and other phenomena that threatened their livelihoods. As with most things, some defensive measures ended up being more effective than others, and we continue to see this pattern in modern times. What remains true for most defensive strategies is this: Keeping danger away in the first place is the best way to remain safe.

Ticks are one of the creatures we have sought to eliminate and defend ourselves from for generations. However, only in the past couple of decades have we developed treatments that can be used in residential areas. Some of our greatest innovations come from necessity; tick control is one of these leaps. Tick control has never lessened in importance, either. Recent changes in our climate, our natural habitat, and food sources for ticks have contributed to dramatic tick population growth as well as tick-borne disease cases. Despite their small size, ticks can be incredibly damaging to your health as they can carry pathogens that can have serious long-term consequences. As you’ve probably heard in the news, Lyme disease is not only a threat today, it is also a threat for the future. This disease, while curable, is very difficult to diagnose, which makes receiving proper treatments a challenge. Indeed, estimates suggest that only 1 in every 10 Lyme disease cases is correctly diagnosed, opening the door for a wave of chronic illnesses in the Northeast. Such a figure is incredibly disturbing, and it emphasizes why tick control is so important. Using personal tick repellant and having your vet treat your pets with prescribed medication for tick protection can work, but if you want to be optimally protected, choose to have tick treatments for your yard, too! Keeping ticks away in the first place is the best method of tick control. Mosquito Squad of Worcester has you covered in this arena.

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To keep ticks away, Mosquito Squad has powerful treatments that are guaranteed to help remove ticks in your yard as well as keep them away. We say this with confidence because we’ve been applying effective tick treatments since 2005. With nearly 20 years of experience under our belts, we’ve cemented ourselves as an industry leader and are excited to share our services with you. Our main tick control treatments use barrier protection mist, which is long-lasting, lethal to ticks on contact, and hugely effective at keeping ticks from entering your property. Whatever your tick control needs, we’ve got you covered. Give Mosquito Squad of Worcester a call at (508) 388-5640.