Does vinegar repel ticks?

tick on a blade of grass

Vinegar has its uses, but will it effectively repel ticks?

There is no doubt about it, vinegar gets high marks from DIY-ers for various uses around the home. Cleaning stainless steel, removing carpet stains, and hair treatments top those lists. While we cannot confirm or deny the effectiveness of any of these uses, we know that homemade vinegar solutions do not equate to effective tick repellence.

Why is vinegar recommended to repel ticks?

First of all, vinegar is a highly-accessible household item. Most of us have it on-hand at all times. There are many varieties available, and it is cheap to purchase. Secondly, it’s all-natural, which makes many homeowners feel safer using it around their homes. Vinegar should be left in the kitchen for salad dressings – leave naturaltick control to Mosquito Squad.

One example of why we should not follow homemade vinegar tick control solutions was given here. Chuck Lubelczyk, a Vector Anthropologist, offered his own body to test a homemade vinegar and water solution that would supposedly repel ticks. When the solution was applied to his wrist, and a tick placed on his arm – the tick actually made a run for the vinegar solution! Lubelczyk does not recommend using homemade vinegar and water on for personal tick protection. Store-bought varieties are available, which are proven effective as a personal tick repellent. While some of those might contain a bit of vinegar, there are other ingredients that further their ability to protect you against ticks. As for pets, we recommend checking with your veterinarian for the best and safest repellent for your specific situation. We do not recommend misting your dog or cat with vinegar and water.

Mosquito Squad’s naturaltick repellent works!

If you are averse to using synthetic chemicals around your home, you can choose Mosquito Squad’s natural tick repellent instead. Made of naturalessential oils our naturaltick control solution will defend your yard against mosquitoes too. Once misted, you might notice a light fragrance, but it will dissipate when the mist has dried. That doesn’t mean it’s not working. Our proven tick protection will work even without harsh fragrances, like vinegar or garlic, and will repel ticks and mosquitoes for up to two weeks at a time. Once applied to all the areas around your home, you must only wait for a half-hour before resuming outdoor activity – with less threat of ticks and mosquitoes!

Don’t mix water and vinegar for at-home tick control mist. For an effective natural tick repellent solution, choose Mosquito Squad of Worcester. Call us today at (508) 388-5640.