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Ticks are a Bigger Problem in the Carolinas Than You May Think!

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Ticks are a Bigger Problem in the Carolinas Than You May Think!

December 20, 2023

While it may seem as though the Northeastern United States receives the most attention concerning ticks, it’s important to note they’re a serious problem in the southern states, as well. You’ve most likely grown up with ticks all your life, especially if you’re the outdoors type, and never given them much thought other than to wear “DEET”. However, the Lone Star tick is capable of transmitting a disease that you would think came straight from a science-fiction novel.

Tick on skin

Recently, in Rock Hill, SC, a hunter contracted Alpha Gal disease after being bitten by a Lone Star tick while on a hunting trip, according to a recent article. The impact of the disease has been monumental, essentially leaving the man unable to enjoy red meat – ever. The news is especially troubling, as the Lone Star tick has been found in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

Initially, the gentleman was diagnosed with Lyme disease. But after hearing a television broadcast that covered Alpha Gal and the IGE test (the only way to diagnose the ailment), he and his wife were certain this was the illness her husband was suffering from.

Again, according to the article, “Victims of Alpha Gal disease develop allergies to the food products that come from any animal with a hoof. So pork, beef, venison, lamb, cheese, mile, etc. will all cause severe illness and can even result in death”. This means that you’d need an Epinephrine pen on your person for the rest of your life should you accidentally ingest any of the above listed items, as you could go into anaphylactic shock.

Deli cuts in a kitchen

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