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Finally! Mosquito control that works for "that" person!

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Finally! Mosquito control that works for "that" person!

December 6, 2018

We all know one of “those people” — the mosquito magnets, the people that get bitten way more than “normal” people. Perhaps you are one of “those” people. We’ve even written about why some people attract more mosquitoes than others. (Hint: Much of it has to do with things you can’t control.) But recently, we received a review from the wife of one of “those people,” that we just have to share. She writes,

A mosquito bite for my husband is a week of discomfort. We tried other companies before a friend mentioned that she also was highly sensitive to mosquito bites. She told me she now can work outside all summer because she uses Mosquito Squad. We tried it. My husband and I pressure washed I deck two weeks ago—no bites. We stained the deck last week. Previously he would not help with the care of the backyard and now he is out there. He owns long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, jackets and socks that have a mosquito treatment. They have been in the closet all summer. Previously he dressed in that apparel to go outside in the summer.

As a company whose goal is to make sure that people (especially “those people”) can enjoy their yards again from the nuisance and dangers of mosquitoes, reading this couldn’t make us any happier! But you might also be wondering, “Wait — there’s clothing with mosquito treatment?”

Technically, yes, there is clothing that is marketed to repel mosquitoes. It’s treated with permethrin, the only insect repellent approved by the EPA to be used on clothing, according to the National Pesticide Information Center. It is used in such low amounts that it doesn’t pose a health risk if applied properly to the fabric. While it has been used in military combat uniforms for years, its effectiveness is highly subjective.

Consumer Reports, the most trusted name in unbiased product testing and research, tested some mosquito-repellant clothing and found that some worked better than others, and none were as effective against bites as an ordinary shirt misted with DEET. Nothing they tested was absolutely foolproof and in every case, regardless of how effective the clothing might be, you still need to mist your exposed skin, including hands, neck, and face, with bug repellent.

While we understand why someone would want to consider this option while they’re, say, camping out in the woods, here at Mosquito Squad we ask, “Why go to those lengths at home if you don’t really have to?”Treating your yard with our barrier treatment will keep 90% of the bugs away for nearly three weeks at a time, PLUS you don’t need to bundle up and mist yourself (and keep misting yourself) with nasty, sticky bug repellent just to do some work around the house and/or enjoy a nice evening out on the deck. As the lady wrote in the review above, there’s no need to with Mosquito Squad!

Treat your yard, not yourself. Call Mosquito Squad to take back your yard and protect yourself from the swatting, the itching, and the potentially dangerous mosquito-borne diseases. Give us a call to get started today and enjoy your outdoors at home the way you were meant to — worry free. We look forward to helping you!